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General Buhari, President Jonathan accredited; report of violence in Osun, one person killed; bomb blast in Enugu. Most card readers are not functioning bcos inec officials don’t know how to operate them…

*A PDP member in Rivers state shot dead today.

* At PU 040 Okunola Egbeda Lagos,the Police van came and packed all d electoral materials including the Inec officials to Inec office after the card reader failed to work.No official statement made

*. Ward 15 Palace of the Olubara Abeokuta Ogun State, acreditation is on and going on smoothly.

**Okey Okorocha, Security Adviser to Governor Rochas Okorocha(Governor) of Imo State was arrested and paraded with four other criminals in possession of pump action guns and live ammunitions.



(Bloomberg) — President Goodluck Jonathan left the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange after a visit two weeks ago to traders singing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”. Some investors would prefer that he keeps walking.

Since rising to a five-year high in July, Nigeria’s benchmark stock index has plummeted 30 percent and is now only 11 percent higher than when Jonathan took office in May 2010. Stocks in South Africa and Kenya rallied 90 percent in the period, while those in Zambia and Ghana more than doubled. The naira fell to a record in February, and domestic government bond yields of almost 16 percent are the highest among 31 emerging markets monitored by Bloomberg indexes.

“It’s been horrible,” Ayodele Salami, who oversees $200 million of Nigerian assets as chief investment officer of Duet Asset Management, said by phone from London on Feb. 23. “Foreigners have been getting out of equities and fixed income. Bond yields in Nigeria are now astronomically high.”

Jonathan’s failure to wean Nigeria off its reliance on oil, and save surplus revenue when crude prices were trading at record highs, is coming back to haunt his campaign for a second term in office. A plunge in crude of almost 50 percent since June risks slowing economic growth in 2015 to half the pace set over the past 15 years. A win for his opponent, Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, may tempt foreign investors back to Africa’s biggest economy and spur a rally in Nigerian assets, according to Holger Siebrecht at Boston-based Acadian Asset Management.

Election Delay

The election was delayed by six weeks after security forces said they needed more time to defeat an insurgency by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which killed 4,700 people last year, according to U.K.-based risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft. With lower oil prices slashing export revenues, the International Monetary Fund forecasts growth of 4.8 percent this year, about half the average of the past 15 years.

Buhari, a 72-year-old former military ruler, is seeking to unseat Jonathan, 57, in what is set to be the nation’s closest election since Nigeria ended military rule in 1999.

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the West African country on March 20 to B+, four levels below investment grade, citing loss of income from oil and rising political risks. Nigeria, which has long had a reputation for endemic graft, ranked 136 of 175 countries in Transparency International’s 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index, level with Russia and Iran.

Buhari’s APC aims to boost economic growth to 10 percent and increase employment by providing cheap loans to small businesses, according to a manifesto on its website. Jonathan said on March 12 he will sell more state companies to the private sector if he wins and encourage oil, power and telecommunications firms to list on the stock exchange. His spokesman, Doyin Okupe, didn’t respond to Bloomberg’s telephone calls and text messages seeking comment.

‘More Effective’

“We think the market may welcome a win by General Buhari,” Siebrecht, who helps oversee $360 million of emerging-market debt at Acadian, said in an e-mailed response to questions on Tuesday. “Buhari is likely to be more effective than Jonathan” at tackling corruption and Boko Haram, and managing the government’s finances amid falling earnings from oil, he said.

Acadian joined investors including Morgan Stanley and TCW Group Inc. in cutting exposure to Nigerian assets in the last quarter of 2014. Foreign investors have reduced their holdings of naira government bonds to 14 percent of the total from as much as 27 percent in 2012, according to Standard Chartered Plc. Outflows from the equity market were the highest in November since at least 2012.

“If the government had saved substantially during the period of high oil prices, the nation would have had buffers to cushion the slide in the naira and by extension the stock market,” Sewa Wusu, head of research at Sterling Capital Markets Ltd., said by phone from Lagos on March 20.

The main problem for investors remains the naira, which has weakened 18 percent against the dollar in the past six months. While the currency rebounded 1.9 percent this month to 199.05 per dollar as of 3:32 p.m. in Lagos, trading restrictions imposed by the central bank mean it is overvalued and will probably weaken after the election, according to Investec Asset Management.

‘Foreign Flows’

“Investors are waiting for the election to pass, and they’re also waiting for the naira to devalue,” Joseph Rohm, a money manager at Investec, which oversees $107 billion, said by phone from Cape Town on March 20. “Once you see the naira devalue further you’ll see foreign portfolio flows back into Nigeria again.”

Forward prices imply the naira will weaken to 244 against the dollar in six months and 261 in a year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Nigerian stocks trade at 7.9 times forward earnings, the lowest level after Zimbabwe among African bourses tracked by Bloomberg. They will probably rally whoever wins the election, but will be more buoyant if Jonathan is voted out, according to Lanre Buluro, head of research at Lagos-based Primera Africa.

“If Buhari comes in we believe the rally will be much more sustained,” said Buluro. “It would be a breath of fresh air. The country’s been ruled by the same party for 16 years.”




Buhari represents Nigeria’s past misery – a dark moment of its history which has officially been confined to the museums. In a sharp contrast, President Jonathan remains a valuable incumbent with a mission consistent with long-term transformation possibilities (International Guardian USA)
When I was growing up in Otuoke, a small town in Bayelsa, as the son of a boat builder, life was hard. Of nine children to my parents, only two of us survived. But I had the chance to go to school. Many did not. I worked at my studies. God smiled on me. I am here today as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I tell you now: there is not a moment that I forget where I come from, or how tough life can be for so many of us. “I have no sense of entitlement. I am not from a big family. I do not come from a profession or background that believes it has some God-given right to rule. I am here because of the will of the people and I will remain here because of the will of the people. I am willing and able to serve, but I am not desperate to serve. I am living proof that Nigeria is a country that rewards hardwork, integrity and ambition. At its best, Nigeria is a country where, no matter where you come from, through honesty, hard work and by the grace of God, everything is possible (Goodluck Jonathan)

he die is cast! By now, most of you know where I stand as far as the 2015 presidential election is concerned. President Jonathan has done more than any of his predecessors, and whether anybody believes it or not, Nigeria would be better in his hands, for the next four years, than in anybody else’s hands. I urge all those who feel the same way as I do to help in getting Goodluck Jonathan re-elected. If you are in Nigeria, vote, and convince your relatives, friends, co-workers or colleagues and as many other people as you can to vote for Goodluck Jonathan. If you are abroad, I appeal that you do something to get Goodluck Jonathan re-elected, for the good of Nigeria, by doing what Prof Tony Ogiamien, a former Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Benin (UNIBEN), now president of American Heritage University of Southern California, Ontario in the United States (US), advised that “Those with Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) should come to Nigeria and vote for Jonathan, while those without PVCs can influence their wards, parents and friends at home to vote for Jonathan. My recommendation is that anytime they call their people home, they should try to convince them to vote for Jonathan”. Read full story below. The President has outlined his vision for the next four year; it’s attached below, you can read it.

President Jonathan in accepting his nomination, told Nigerians why they should give him the chance to continue in office, and why he’s a better candidate, by saying that “The choice before Nigerians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going forward or going backwards; between the new ways and the old ways; between freedom and repression; between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms – and desperate power-seekers with empty promises” (I quoted this somewhere else). The president further added that he would work to secure the country’s future as he urged Nigerians to support his bid for a second term in office. In his words: “I will work to secure Nigeria’s future. I will serve with humility and moderation, with simplicity and forthrightness; with openness and inclusiveness, and with firmness and strength. I urge all Nigerians to support me, to finish what we started together. Fellow citizens, what we need, more than anything else, is to secure our country’s future, by building, and not by destroying. We can continue to build upon the foundations we have laid so far, we can continue with our economic progress, we can continue improving our infrastructure, we can continue delivering better healthcare, we can continue to improve our agriculture and we can continue to safeguard individual liberties and freedoms. Our political opponents shall assail us with the fury of their desperation to win power. They will use every means – intimidation, false accusations, hostile media and more. Do not descend to their level. We must stay focused on the mission at hand – to secure Nigeria’s future”.

I still don’t understand why some Nigerians, from poor background, are rooting for Buhari? I still can’t understand this change mantra so many poor Nigerians have embraced? Do they really understand what they are asking for? They want change from what to what? President Jonathan’s ascendancy, as the president of Nigeria, was a great change that can even be equated with revolution. Nobody thought such could happen in Nigeria, where the north sees it as its birth right to produce the rulers of Nigeria, and where military background and aristocratic background are the only guarantees for one to become the ruler of Nigeria. It was divine Providence that took the presidency away from the north and people with aristocratic background and gave it to a “commoner” like Goodluck Jonathan, the son of a canoe maker. Majority of Nigerians, especially the youths, who come from a poor background, should make sure that the presidency never reverts to only those from the north or from rich background, by supporting the re-election of a “commoner” like them.

President Goodluck Jonathan may have made mistakes, that’s not out of place, he’s only a human being, and being the first “commoner” to rule Nigeria, he had no experience, and there was no precedent, before him, from where he could have drawn some ideas or examples, about rulership by a commoner (a person without military experience or rich background), from. President Jonathan’s position was complicated by the fact that Nigeria, through the years, lacks strong institutions, that can guide a beginner, vis-à-vis “strongmen and corrupt men”. So, what Goodluck Jonathan is doing is to write a history for future “commoners” who would be opportune to rule Nigeria in future. President Jonathan would continue to make mistakes until he gets it right, just like in our own life’s spheres. One takes a new job, he or she makes a lot of mistakes while learning from his or her experiences, and with time, he or she would be perfect, if he or she commits him/herself to it. Ruling Nigeria is not easy because of its history and the ethnic and religious animosities the country has been known for, but, that’s not the reason why we should relinquish the presidency to only northerners or to people with military or aristocratic background. President Goodluck Jonathan has tried so far, if we are honest with ourselves, as he is everything previous rulers of Nigeria were not; he started from nothing, experience wise, and he has learned the rope faster, even if he made mistakes along the line. Let the majority of Nigerians, especially those from poor background, give him another chance, as that will open the door for every other Nigerian, no matter his or her background, to crave the Nigerian presidency, something unheard of prior to Goodluck Jonathan’s era. The point is this: If Buhari wins this election, it then means that power and the presidency have gone back to the north on one hand, and that a person with a military or aristocratic background has taken back power. It will then be very, very, very hard for any “commoner” to wrestle power out of their hands again in future, unless there’s another divine intervention, which doesn’t happen always. To keep the presidency open for all Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity or background, President Goodluck is the reference point and should be re-elected, otherwise, we, those from poor background, would henceforth become watchers and cheerers from the sideline, as it previously was, until the coming of Goodluck Jonathan.

Nigerians are fond of forgetting where they were coming from and where they are heading to; then, after making catastrophic mistakes, would turn around to regret them. Deep thinking is needed in a situation like this. Are you doing something good for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren by the action you are taking today? To plan a future for the generations unborn, we have to start now. Even as our own generation had it rough, we should wish that future generations, even those not yet born, avoid our own experiences, and the time to start planning a better future for them is right now. Let’s not sacrifice their tomorrow for our own selfish today! Don’t make a mistake that will affect their own future!

The point is that President Jonathan, as the first person without ties to the military mafia or the northern oligarchy, is reading from a blank page (no “commoner” like him had ever ruled Nigeria before). So, he’s a role model, because, the sons and daughters of “commoners” can now dream of ruling Nigeria one day, because, Goodluck Jonathan blazed the trail for them. Having arisen in a surprising manner, “the thing”, which has taken Goodluck Jonathan to this height, is not ready to abandon him now! Jonathan’s ascendancy to power is one of such stories of which fairy tales are made from. It’s not always that such things happen, so, there’s a reason why Goodluck Jonathan is there today, and he still has an assignment to fulfill. Allowing power to revert to the hands of the “military/aristocratic” guys now, will sound the death knell for the ambition of the “commoners” to rule Nigeria, as my people say that “it’s no problem giving the chimpanzee water to drink, but, who will retrieve the cup from it”. Goodluck Jonathan is a benchmark for the poor with poor background; only he can change Nigeria for the better through the implementation of the National Conference’s recommendations. The imperative of that is not lost on him. Buhari and his co-travellers are happy the way Nigeria is, they believe there’s nothing wrong with the current system, and see no need to restructure it, as that will take away their undue advantages. Expecting Buhari and co. to implement the recommendations of the national Conference would be tantamount to asking them to commit political suicide, and they are not ready for that.

To emphasis the importance of implementing the recommendations of the national conference, Governor Mimiko hinges the south-west leaders’ support for Goodluck Jonathan on it, because, he would actualize the Yoruba agenda as articulated during the constitutional conference organised last year in Abuja. Mimiko asked Nigerians to re-elect Goodluck Jonathan so that he can implement the recommendations, which would be the panacea for our developmental woes. In his words: “The CONFAB Report when implemented, will create room for each State to have its own constitution, its own police force, its own prison service, can create its own local governments, can build its own Airports, Seaports and Railways and in addition; in the economic domain, solid minerals that had been the exclusive preserve of the Federal Government since independence, have now been brought to the concurrent list. States can now create employment and develop at their own pace. With all that, it liberates everybody, it opens up the political space”. The national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA), Chief Victor Umeh, also said “….after all, the natural and man-made parameters and credentials favour President Goodluck Jonathan immensely- age, character, simplicity, desire to make the nation a model and level headed approach to issues/individuals. Chief Umeh noted with some chuckles that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has not given the electorate their blueprint on how to move the nation forward. He stated that there was no how the country would start going backwards, especially when APC was vehemently opposed to the recent national conference where all the issues bedeviling the nation’s polity were openly and exhaustively discussed tirelessly by about 500 representatives broken down into 20 distinct committee. He denounced the APC and its supporters to be persons who supported or cared less about the mounting imperfections and injustices pervading the polity today, hence their boycott of the gathering. Umeh added that the implementation of the more than 600 recommendations of that confab was the strongest reason why Jonathan should be returned in a landslide electoral victory backed by all persons of goodwill! In Umeh’s views, the implementation of the confab recommendations would enthrone a better Nigeria that would be the pride of all citizens.

Femi Aribisala wrote that “Instead of change, Buhari’s agenda is the “same old same old” of the mundane and the sub-standard. I challenge APC supporters to point out one; just one, single original idea that has emanated from him. The truth is that it does not exist. Buhari is the master of the fluff and the bluster. He will fight corruption, but he cannot say how. He will revive the economy, but cannot say how. He will end the Boko Haram insurgency in no time at all, but he cannot say how.

Buhari is asking Nigerians to elect him on the basis of some voodoo that he will only concoct after the election. Nigerians should not fall for this ploy. Buhari is an old has-been: banking on the forgetfulness of Nigerians and on our disregard for history. The APC has spent far more time strategizing on how to manipulate public opinion than on policy-formulation. Its manifesto is shallow and phony; a very poor cousin to Goodluck Jonathan’s well-articulated and unfolding transformation agenda. No wonder therefore that Buhari is running away from a presidential debate. His reticence confirms the view that he has nothing concrete to offer. Every excuse he and his handlers come up with only further exposes their vacuity. One thing is for sure; Buhari cannot agree to a debate because his campaign is all smoke and mirrors”.

Guardian News USA summed it up thus: “……. it is a fact that Nigeria cannot afford the same dictator twice; it cannot sanely embrace the same brainless despots that wrecked its national prospects with loaded riffles. To make it crystal clear – an uninterrupted continuation of the present regime of President Jonathan is not just a civic duty but an ancestral call to embrace a new Nigeria; an environment where the political godfathers, ex-dictators, and political oppressors are rendered redundant. This, within the next four years, would open up the needed opportunities for more qualified Nigerians to totally wrestle their country back from the vandals that once abused it. The last Nigerian dictator was removed by a miraculous death, after unsuccessful global sanctions. Late General Sani Abacha tortured Nigerians without compunction. For Nigerians still tormented by short memories of their past anguish, you may choose to return the same dictator again”.

Buhari and his APC want Nigerians to believe that Goodluck Jonathan achieved nothing. Who can believe that, when the naked facts (records) stare us in the face? Do we talk of the 1.6 million jobs Jonathan created under various programmes including the Community Service Scheme, Graduate Internship Scheme, Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria and the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme as well as creation of 250,000 jobs in the agriculture sector by enabling Dry Season Farming in 10 northern states? Do we talk of the unbundling of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria into 11 distribution companies, six generation companies and one transmission company as well as positioning the sector to respond adequately to growing power demands? Do we talk of a number of measures taken by President Jonathan, including investing huge amount of money in military hardware to tackle the rampaging Boko Haram terror group? What of the remodeling of 22 airports? What of the establishment of many federal universities by Jonathan’s administration? What of Goodluck Jonathan’s intervention in the education sector that facilitated the establishment of about 28 Almajiri schools in 13 northern states? Did anybody mention of Jonathan’s investments in infrastructure such as the rehabilitation of the Eastern Railway corridor – Port Harcourt-Aba-Enugu-Makurdi-Lafia-Kuru-Bauchi-Maiduguri with branch lines from Kafanchan-Kaduna and Kuru-Jos? Did they tell us that Jonathan modernized the Abuja-Kaduna Standard Gauge rail line and rehabilitated the Apapa Port railway network with provision of 29 new locomotives and 20 new tank wagons to ease transportation?

I sum up in the words of George Kerley, who wrote that “this business of politics and then democracy is all about choice. One of the biggest freedoms of man is the ability to make that choice. I have chosen to believe in President Jonathan and in his capacity as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have read too much history not to be able to recognize that people like Goodluck Jonathan do not come everyday. They are a special form of generational leaders and their mandate on Earth is to correct our perception of ‘usual’ thinking. A certain group of generational leaders whose real strength comes from an inner power that many of us mistake for ‘weakness’ and whose lack of ‘effizy’ and ‘Swag’ are complemented by a very loud BUT still quiet ‘aura’ that looms from where you can never just tell. Some people say it is called Goodluck, but it is rather a journey Powered by Providence. It is the mystery of this Providence, that has confounded us in the past 5 years, that will power him past March 28. The journey of Jonathan will not be complete without not just what will happen in March 28 BUT what will happen thereafter in this country, Nigeria….after he is sworn in again as President of this Republic. It is that new history of Nigeria that President Goodluck Jonathan will rewrite that I really look forward to be part of in the next few weeks. The toughness of this election will be the real furnace of the well-cooked and toughened Goodluck Jonathan that will emerge after the results are announced on March 28. QED”!







Is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Really Bad as Buhari and his APC want us to believe? By Odera

1] Goodluck Jonathan signed FOI bill that Obasanjo refused to sign and you join then in saying that Goodluck is bad.

2] Goodluck approved N18,000 Minimum wage from N7,500 Which Obasanjo refused to sign and you say that Goodluck is bad, and NYSC allowance from N7,500 to nearly approved N39,500, yet they say he is bad.

3] Goodluck dualized federal roads (about 25,000km) which Obasanjo and past Govts abandoned, and you say Goodluck is bad.

4] The rail system is working now, with little budget. But Obasanjo Sunk billions of dollars without result, other past leaders ignored, and you say that Goodluck is bad.

5] Goodluck has been conducting free and fair elections whereas the ones conducted under Obasanjo were shameful and national disgrace, yet you say Goodluck is bad.

6] Goodluck established 12 new universities, 9 in the North to improve learning and knowledge and increase the Jambites admission rate, yet you say that Goodluck is bad.

7] Goodluck established the Almajiri system for Northern abandoned street children and those deprived of education by their own people, and you say Goodluck is bad.

8] Goodluck has been building dams and improving the country’s power from 2500mW to 6,000MW – And successfully privatized the sector which many analysts believed is the best way to go, and you joined them say that Goodluck is bad.

9] Agriculture has been revamped and for the first time in Nigerian history, food prices came down during Christmas, instead of skyrocketing, and you say that he is a bad President.

10] 2013 and 2014 was the Christmas in Nigeria, where Nigerian did not sleep in filling stations for 3 to 4 days to get Petrol or 100s of people being roasted alive in attempts to get fuel in petrol stations, wickedly, you joined them to say that our God given President is not performing.

11] Airports are wearing world class looks, and every zone have International airport, and you say Goodluck is bad.

12] This administration has employed more people in its 5years in office than any other in the history of Nigeria [Via Agric, Energy sector, 16 New Car Companies, 12 New Universities, 3,826 primary Health care Centers, Teaching Hospitals] SURE-P, YOUWIN, and you say Goodluck is bad.

Now do you think that General Muhammadu Buhari will perform magic, which he could not do when he was in his 40s, if you vote him?

What else do they want from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

Share if you agree that President Goodluck Jonathan deserves re-election to continue the good works.








Temple Chima Ubochi
Bonn, Germany


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We are gathered here today to re-instate Ndigbo’s commitment and
resolve to vote for the continuity of the All Progressive Congress APC Led government in Lagos State, and to vote for “Change” at the Federal level thus ensuring the emergence of the APC as the party in power in Abuja. Ndigbo remains the largest ethnic group in Lagos, representing almost 52 per cent of the total population of non-indigenes in Lagos, and we own a sizeable proportion of the private properties in Lagos.
It is incontrovertible history that the Igbos in Lagos have manifested a zest for adventure and industry in their role as Public Servants, Educationists, Captains of Industry and Commerce; Igbos have excelled in various fields as well as
Philanthropy, and have contributed in profound measures to the socio-economic development and progress of Lagos State.

Ndigbo, we must not forget that where we make our living and where we
make our fortune is where we must necessarily protect. We have invested hugely in Lagos, we have our businesses to grow and protect. Some of us were born in Lagos, and some of us schooled in Lagos and are working in Lagos. Nobody can discriminate against us and the APC led government of Lagos State has been a friend, a brother, a Partner and a Father. We have therefore as patriots and well-meaning citizens elected to partner with, and support the Party and her profound policies in Lagos.
Under the APC led government in Lagos State, nobody has fought with us based on our culture or discriminated against us on account of our language. Our children in public schools enjoy free education, and the APC led Government pays the WAEC and NECO fees for our children.
Do not be deceived by the Party of Liars the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, there is no discrimination against Igbos in Lagos; when we go to General Hospitals we are treated with no discrimination, when we seek for employment in the State Civil Service, we are given equal opportunity, more than 500 Igbo are working in Lagos State Ministries and LGAs in various capacities, including the powerful Office of Commissioner for Budget and Planning, so, if we talk of those who are Lagosians, we are no less Lagosians.

Over the years, the APC led Government in Lagos has immensely supported
our cultural festivals. It is without doubt that the flourishing Igbo
traditional institution in Lagos was made possible by the Chief Bola Ahmed
Tinubu led Government, and has been recognized and supported by
Governor BabatundeRajiFashola.
Just recently the gubernatorial candidate of the APC Mr.AkinwunmiAmbode pledged before the whole world to sustain and to strengthen our traditional institution in the State when elected into office. Lagos belongs to all of us. Nobody will drive anybody out.
Conversely, our fate with the PDP federal government, even in things that should be rightly ours in the Nigerian federation has been endless stories of lies, deceit and fraud played on the Igbo nation. As we speak, Igbo has the least allocation of projects among the six geopolitical zones under the Jonathan government. As we speak to you, the promise of a second Niger Bridge which Jonathan promised to either complete before 2015 or go into exile, is still a mirage.
As we speak to you, there is no known significant federal investment in Igboland since the Jonathan government came into power six years ago and the state of infrastructures in Igboland remain horrible even with several strings of unfulfilled promises by the Jonathan government. Igboland is where the police extort hapless citizens without let. Igboland is where fuel sells at the highest price and where supply of dwindling light is at its very worst. Our roads remain the worst in the federation as Igbos find it difficult to move from one State to the other especially during the rainy season.
But this is the same PDP federal government that is frantically inciting Ndigbo to fight their hosts, the Yorubas, and endanger all we have laboured to build in Lagos and the South West for the selfish interests of Jonathan and the PDP. This is the same PDP that does not have an Igbo as an Executive in the Party in Lagos whereas the APC has an Igbo as the Publicity Secretary of the Party in Lagos, and an Igbo Woman as a Senior Assistant to Governor RajiFashola on Women Affairs. Ndigbo cannot be deceived and we are not deceived as we know that the APC is manifestly more sincere and protecting of Igbo Interest in Lagos.
We are deeply concerned about consolidating on the gains of this present administration, hence, our determination to contribute our quota towards ensuring the success of APC at the March 28, and the April 11th 2015 General Polls. The Igbos in Lagos must remain with the main stream politics in Lagos and continue to live in harmony with other tribes especially the Yorubas. The Igbo must politically align with the Yorubas for the best interest of Ndigbo. We warn that endangering that critical interest to satisfy the personal interests of those sympathetic of the PDP is what Ndigbo in Lagos cannot afford so we must vote APC for it tallies with the political interests of both Ndigbo and Yoruba in Lagos.
Ndigbo are an industrious, accommodating, friendly, and educated people and without equivocation play an important role in the Socio-economic cum political development of the South West and indeed Nigeria, sadly since the inception of President Jonathan’s administration, Igbos have been subjected to harrowing hardship in the midst of plenty. The South East remains the least developed under the GoodluckEbele Jonathan era. Now is the time to say NEVER EVER AGAIN. Ndigbo now is the time to rise up and resist the perfidy that situates GoodluckEbele Jonathan as your brother, we cannot be deceived, nwanne di namba, a true brother is the one that cares for your well-being irrespective of creed or clan.
Ndigbo, we must stand up to end the tales of miseries, anguish and pain that the Jonathanian era has brought on us and indeed all Nigerians. We cannot afford to allow Nigeria go under, therefore, all hands must be on deck in this rescue mission led by General MuhammaduBuhari and the All Progressive Congress to save our beloved country.
Ndigbo think before you cast your vote. We have Salt deposits in
Ebonyi State, a broken down Cement factory at Nkalagu, the Enugu Coal
Mines closed down, the Oji-River Thermal Station not functioning, the
River dock at Onitsha a mirage, the much publicized 2nd Niger Bridge,
a political fraud, the Enugu-Onitsha Road as well as the Enugu-Port
Harcourt Road remain decrepit and at best a slaughter slab. Need we mention the forgotten Aba Dry Dock? What of the Aba Power Plant that is being engineered by eminent Prof. Bath Nnaji but which the Jonathan government has systematically killed? What has President Jonathan done for Ndigbo to merit the vote of our People, WHAT???

Why should the Igbos vote for a government that has nothing to offer
Ndigbo? Why should we vote for the continuity of six years of misrule? A President who has succeeded in dividing our Country along religious lines, a Leader who desecrates and compromises existing traditional institutions, a Leader who has subjected and reduced Ndigbo to dish-washers and pawns in the Nigerian Power Chess, a Leader who exposes Igbo culture to ridicule, a
Leader who hires and fires Igbo intellectuals at will, a Leader who plays on our collective intelligence, who remembers Igbos only during elections does not deserve our vote.

We must vote CHANGE and support the CHANGE MOVEMENT sweeping through the land for the good of our beloved country and for the protection of Igbo interest in South-West Nigeria and in defence of Igbo across the nook and crannies of Nigeria. We must distance ourselves from the myopic leadership driven by a selfish few whose preoccupation is to promote parochial interests by supporting an individual because he attaches an Igbo name to his. What a shame?
Ndigbo what happened to the intellectual spirit of our Patriarchs, what happened to the sagacity for which we were known? What happened to the kinsmen of the great Zik of Africa, K.O Mbadiwe, NwaforOrizu, M.I Okpara, MaziMbonuOjike, DIM OdumegwuOjukwu, and Kenneth Dike et al, why have some of our brothers been reduced from leaders of thought to hatchet-men and dealers, why?
It is sad to watch a few ill-informed jobbers and traducers think that they can manipulate the magnificent Igbo nation and or programme Ndigbo to hate themselves, their children, and neighbours. Our people have been made easy prey courtesy of President Jonathan’s second term syndrome, but this threatening political cancer must fail.
The spin doctors of the Jonathan regime and his second term acolytes have made fear and doubt our bedfellows and they seek to resurrect the animosities of the past trying to make the North appear our enemies. Ndigbo we MUST free our nation from primordial ethnic sentiments, and show to our countrymen the beauty of our being, yes we are the only ones who have truly made Nigeria our home and we have thus elected to make Nigeria great again by voting progressive CHANGE.
Today, hatred, animosity, fear and suspicion have been incited against Ndigbo living in the North, the West and the Middle Belt because some traders of fortune benefit from this. Today, they have led Ndigbo to embark on a mass exodus from their comfort zones because they have fouled the water from which Ndigbo drink in other parts of Nigeria. They say they are doing this for Jonathan, a man that derives sadistic joy in inciting religious and ethnic passion to make up for his horrendous leadership failures. I ask, how long shall Ndigbo be led by these merchants of evil and contractors for any government in power to commit mass suicide for their narrow interests? We must lead the change in Lagos and disappoint these traders of vice by voting en mass for APC in all elections so as to solidify our bond with Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. We have elected to make it resoundingly clear that we shall through our VOTES free our nation and ourselves from direction-less rulers, and that through our votes we shall defeat the rudderless PDP whose watch over Nigeria
threatens our democracy and have arrested our growth and enterprise.

The time to show that we remain true progressives is NOW, we have therefore decided without equivocation to collaborate with other stakeholders
in the State and demonstrate to the people of Lagos
State that we remain committed to the APC Government and this
shall be made manifest through the massive vote we shall cast for the APC Gubernatorial Candidate Mr AkinwumiAmbode come April 11th 2015.
We have acknowledged the encomiums poured on our sons and daughters by the APC Led Government in Lagos State through the placement of many Igbo in vital positions in the Governance of the State and this is the time for us to demonstrate our commitment to the task of saving Lagos from the siege of the Party of spoilers called the PDP, a Party that seeks power for egocentric and self-serving ends. We have said no to them with 12 incontrovertible reasons, and here again we MUST say no to their candidates Jimi Agbaje and Jonathan.
Finally we cannot but commend the leadership of Governor BabatundeFashola for the exemplary leadership that underscores his watch in Lagos, and emphasize our support for the APC in all elections starting from March 28.
God Bless Ndigbo
God Bless Lagos State
God Bless the APC
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


REALITY 2015…… Today’s in History… AKACHUKWU DI YA…..


As Hon. Charles. Odedo (PDP) house of Reps. Member representing Idemili North and South, Officially declaration his support for Hon. IFEANYICHUKWU IBEZI (OCHIAGHA IDEMILI ) for Federal of house. Of Reps Idemili North and South. In his speech said that Hon. IBEZI as an ordinary Citizen have done more than what a Senator Can do. By installing Solar Lights, giving Scholarships and many others,.saying that he is the type that other politicians should emulate.

After that was the Hand over of the National Assembly 2015 Calendar to Honorable Ibezi reps and Chief Victor Umeh for Senate

. Ochiagha. Idemili Maka o di mma Ndi Igbo.

A Biafran Wrote,Untill Biafrans start writing their stories then the world will know about Biafra,

300x451xGowon.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Qt_JDjPDHEGOD SAVE US AS YOU PROMISED!.



Igbariam –  A former Military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd), said on Wednesday that an Igbo president would help heal the civil war wounds, maintaining that he supports the idea of rotational presidency

General Yakubu Gowon (Rtd)

Gowon said this while delivering a lecture entitled “No Victor, No Vanquished: Healing the Nigerian Nation” to mark the 6th Convocation ceremony of the Chukwumeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Igbariam, in Anambra.

He explained that the civil war was not out of hatred for the late Igbo leader Odumegwu Ojukwu or the Igbos, but was based on the principle of a commitment to a robust Nigeria.

“It is wrong to conclude that the civil war broke out following the failure of the Aburi Accord but was the direct result of a unilateral decision of independence for Eastern Nigeria.

“If there was no seccession, there would have been no war.

“It was a reluctant war waged to unite the country,” Gowon explained.

He acknowledged that many people died of hunger and diseases during the period but maintained that the Federal Government ensured that starvation was not used as a weapon of war.

Gowon said that Nigerians should be proud of the gains of the war through the healing balm of “no victor, no vanquished.”

According to him, the three Rs of reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction were adopted to enhance national unity.

He also argued that the abandonment of the development plan  drafted immediately after the war by successive governments, resulted in the infrastructural decay in the country.

The former head of state, however, lauded Ojukwu for his courage in defending his people during the war, saying: “if Ojukwu were in my shoes, he would have equally waged the war.”

He also commended the Anambra government and management of the university for honouring Ojukwu with the change in name of the institution from Anambra State University to COOU.

Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra, who lauded Gowon for honouring the invitation, said education was dear to his administration.

Represented by the state Commissioner for Education, Prof. Kate Omenugha, Obiano said that a blue print for the development of higher education would soon be implemented in the state.

“Infrastructure, students’ welfare as well as teachers and lecturers’ welfare are important tools for developing the education sector of the state.

“This administration has increased the salaries of teachers in rural areas by 20 per cent and has approved extra N3, 000 for teachers who teach core subjects,’’ Obiano said.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Fidelis Okafor, said that the lecture was designed to honour Ojukwu and give opportunity to Gowon to clear the air on the civil war.

The university will, on March 26, hold its convocation ceremony at the Igbariam campus.

– See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/03/igbo-president-will-help-heal-civil-war-wounds-gowon/#sthash.h6hfoMWF.dpuf

I hear the city of Aba, in Abia state of Nigeria is one of the dirtiest and most run down places in the country… The state governor Theodore Orji seems to be doing little or nothing about this. See photos of how deplorable a major road looks!


I hear the city of Aba, in Abia state of Nigeria is one of the dirtiest and most run down places in the country… The state governor Theodore Orji seems to be doing little or nothing about this. See photos of how deplorable a major road looks!

Exposed! How PDP Govs are Working Against Jonathan In South East

…As Jonathan is accused of snubbing Ndigbo
By Eze Ugochukwu
It sounds incredible but it is true. Publiknotiz has authoritatively learnt that two PDP governors in the South East, to wit, Governors Sullivan Chime and Theodore Orji of Enugu and Abia States, respectively, are being held responsible for the intense anger currently building up against President Goodluck Jonathan in the South East zone, which before now, he had considered as his main support zone, a mere nine days to the presidential election.
This is at a time that tempers are spiralling across the South East zone over what is being considered as President Jonathan’s snub of the zone and his taking the support of the people from the area for granted and as a foregone conclusion, whether he reaches out to them or not, a survey by Publiknotiz has revealed.
The recent developments which have got tongues wagging at every public and private discussion has been brought about by what is being seen as a slight on the Igbo people by the president and his political party, the same way he was said to have behaved in 2011 when he obtained the Igbo votes without any negotiations or assurances. Keen political observers across the states of the zone, as our correspondent found out, are amazed that as the president is said to have concentrated his attention and campaign in the South West, allegedly inundating the zone with billions of dollars, the South East is completely rebuffed and forgotten.
As Chief Jevas Okeke, an Ohanaeze chieftain and an industrialist mused to our correspondent in Enugu, “why won’t Jonathan take Ndigbo for granted, after all, we have been weeping louder than the bereaved in the support of the president without anything to show for it, the same way we did in 2011, when our so-called leaders adopted him even before he became the candidate of his party. Why won’t he snub us, after all he knows where we sleep”.
The well-connected politician bemoaned the situation whereby Ndigbo would continue to support the president blindly without anything to show for it and as, according to him, “even before the election, the man does not know that we exist”.
“If he is treating Ndigbo so shabbily when he has not won the election, how will he treat us when he would have won the election with our bulk votes?”, he queried.
As this groundswell of anger starts to solidify, a top clergy man in Awka confirmed to our reporter that he has heard many members of his flock grumbling loudly over what they claim is the obvious neglect of the Jonathan government of the South East, a neglect that appears deliberate judging from how he has allegedly turned his back on the zone during the campaign while consulting and distributing tonnes of money to people and groups at the other zones.
Further investigations by this publication have learnt that unlike in the other zones, many support groups and political leaders who had made good proposals to the presidential campaign organisation and the Presidency requesting for logistics and support to mobilize for the president through rallies or town-hall meetings have been allegedly ignored and rebuffed.
During a heated debate over the issue at the Enugu Press Centre during the week, a journalist with the state radio station in Enugu pointed out that in these days of poor economy, the type of what he described as the “dollar rain” that the PDP is making in the South West and the North could have been of a great benefit in the South East, where poverty is said to be on the ascent.
“Our people have been brought to a disgrace by President Jonathan, for instead of infusing some money into our system as he does elsewhere, our people continue to wallow in poverty”, he lamented, adding that, “everyday, you see throngs of people trooping to Prince Arthur Eze’s house where they hope that a few crumpled naira notes could be hurled at them”. According to him, “Jonathan assumes that once he has awarded super contracts to a few Igbo fat cats, he has taken care of the entire Igbo race and their problems”.
A lady journalist chipped in, “in that case, he should get ready for a shock; he is joking with Igbo people and deluding himself that he already has Igbo votes in the bag”, querying, “by the way, why are we against Buhari, who during the two of three times he contested, he picked Igbo people, Okadigbo and Ume-Ezeoke, as his running mate”
Publiknotiz sought reactions to these complaints from officials at the Wadata House party headquarters and at the Presidency, but was unable to get at officials who can authoritatively answer to these weighty allegations of snobbery and neglect of the South East by the president. Chief Uche Secondus, the national vice chairman for the South was said to have gone to Rivers State where the First Lady had gone to campaign. However, one usually very reliable source at the Presidency confided in our correspondent on the condition of anonymity.
He denied that President Jonathan is deliberately shunning the South East, as he, the president was said to have approved an elaborate plan to do a two day visit to the zone and consult widely with different captive groups and interests, but that he was stoutly dissuaded from such visits by two of the three PDP governors in the zone.
The PDP chieftain informed our correspondent that an elaborate programme which would have necessitated the president to visit and consult in Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra on the first day and sleep in Enugu from where he would have landed at the Owerri Airport and worked in Imo and Abia on the second day before flying back to Abuja had been reportedly approved and cleared by the Presidency.
However, according to this source, during the meeting of the PDP South East governors to deliberate on the programme, the governors of Enugu and Abia were said to have argued very stoutly against any such visit, leading to its being shelved. The source could not authoritatively explain why Governor Chime could be against the visit of the president to his state, and according to him, he might be afraid of being overshadowed by the other contending political interests in the state. He however suspects that the Abia governor was trying to cover what many regard as his smelling political backside which the source said that the visit would have exposed.
Our source revealed that the programme for the presidential visit to Abia contained such items like a visit to the site of Alaoji and Geometric Power Stations; Ariaria market, Aba Sports Club where he would have met with at least 200 prominent Abia indigenes. It was suspected that Governor T.A. Orji, aware of his unpopularity could not refuse being booed and pelted with water sachets during the tour and had argued against the proposed tour.
“It would be hard for him to forget his experience when he appeared at the Aba stadium during the funeral of the late General Odumegwu Ojukwu when he was pelted and booed”, the source suggested.
The source further claimed that the tour would have made the president more popular in the South East but would have been a death knell for the ambition of both the Abia governor who is vying for the Abia Central senatorial seat and for his anointed candidate for the gubernatorial race, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. “T.A. Orji must have also suspected that APGA would have mobilized and stolen the show for their candidate Alex Otti”, according to the source.
Meanwhile, faithful to the fact that nature abhors vacuum, the main opposition party, APC seems to have started cashing in on the obvious lack of presidential presence in the area to make its presence felt, in the hope that it can cash in and mobilize votes that would assure its candidate, the mandatory 25 per cent of votes he requires from the South East states.
The APC is reportedly kicking off with a series of activities in the South East, starting with a town hall meeting with captains of industry of the South East, at Awka, the Anambra State capital on Monday, March 23. The occasion which will be hosted will have General Buhari in attendance and hosted by the popular Senator Chris Ngige, who was a one-time governor of the state. The occasion will be chaired by Dr. Dozie Ikedife, a one-time president-general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

I still would not find it funny and easily forgivable that some young Igbo men and women here on the social media who make a living from this Zuckerville will indeed agree to go romance and masturbate with the most abominable Igbo man ever known in our history, in the person of Theodore Ahayaefula Orji, the unfortunate governor of the woe-riddled Abia State. I have insisted that Orji is the biggest traitor amidst ndi Igbo. If he’s used or he is using himself to make sure ndi Igbo get the worst, I’d not know. But primarily and clearly, Orji is on a mission against ndi Igbo which Abians have unfortunately permitted him to continue for 8 woeful years. If such a horrible creature could get young Igbo people defending and hailing him and even canvassing for his dust-bin carrier to succeed him, then we’re of no hope. I just hope this link is true, yet there’s no reason not to have it true