Letter to all Christians from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.)Nigerian CiVil Right MoVement

Letter to all Christians from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.)
How should Muslims treat Christians? With violence? Anger? Hatred? The answer is none of the above. Below is the English rendering of a letter purportedly written by the Prophet Muhammad (sa) to all Christians.

In a time when tensions between Islam and Christianity seem to be at an all time high, we remind our Christian friends that a true Muslim cannot hurt a Christian in any way, neither by his hand, nor by his tongue.

Several certified historical copies are displayed in the library of St Catherine, some of which are witnessed by the judges of Islam to affirm historical authenticity. The monks claims that during the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in 1517, the original document was seized from the monastery by Ottoman soldiers and taken to Sultan Selim I’s palace in Istanbul for safekeeping.

The letter, below with translation requires no further explanation. We hope it provides credence and comfort that Prophet Muhammad (sa) truly celebrated his Christian friends. (The original letter is now in the Topkapi Museum in Instanbul)

Summary of letter
“This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.
No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.
No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.
No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.
Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).”
English translation from ‘Muslim History: 570 – 1950 C.E.’ by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq, ZMD Corporation. P.O. Box 8231 – Gaithersburg, MD 20898-8231 – Copyright Akram Zahoor 2000. P. 167

This document is the Achtiname of Muhammad, also known as the Covenant or (Holy) Testament (Testamentum) of the Prophet Muhammad, a document or ahdname which is a charter or writ ratified by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad granting protection and other privileges to the monks of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai. It is sealed with an imprint representing Muhammad’s hand. –wikipedia

English Translation of the Ashtiname by Richard Pococke

Muhammad the son of ‘Abd Allah, the Messenger of Allah, and careful guardian of the whole world; has written the present instrument to all those who are in his national people, and of his own religion, as a secure and positive promise to be accomplished to the Christian nation, and relations of the Nazarene, whosoever they may be, whether they be the noble or the vulgar, the honorable or otherwise, saying thus.I. Whosoever of my nation shall presume to break my promise and oath, which is contained in this present agreement, destroys the promise of God, acts contrary to the oath, and will be a resister of the faith, (which God forbid) for he becomes worthy of the curse, whether he be the King himself, or a poor man, or whatever person he may be.
That whenever any of the monks in his travels shall happen to settle upon any mountain, hill, village, or other habitable place, on the sea, or in deserts, or in any convent, church, or house of prayer, I shall be in the midst of them, as the preserver and protector of them, their goods and effects, with my soul, aid, and protection, jointly with all my national people; because they are a part of my own people, and an honor to me.
Moreover, I command all officers not to require any poll-tax on them, or any other tribute, because they shall not be forced or compelled to anything of this kind.
None shall presume to change their judges or governors, but they shall remain in their office, without being deported.
No one shall molest them when they are travelling on the road.
Whatever churches they are possessed of, no one is to deprive them of them.
Whosoever shall annul any of one of these my decrees, let him know positively that he annuls the ordinance of God.
Moreover, neither their judges, governors, monks, servants, disciples, or any others depending on them, shall pay any poll-tax, or be molested on that account, because I am their protector, wherever they shall be, either by land or sea, east or west, north or south; because both they and all that belong to them are included in this my promissory oath and patent.
And of those that live quietly and solitary upon the mountains, they shall exact neither poll-tax nor tithes from their incomes, neither shall any Muslim partake of what they have; for they labor only to maintain themselves.
Whenever the crop of the earth shall be plentiful in its due time, the inhabitants shall be obliged out of every bushel to give them a certain measure.
Neither in time of war shall they take them out of their habitations, nor compel them to go to the wars, nor even then shall they require of them any poll-tax.
In these eleven chapters is to be found whatever relates to the monks, as to the remaining seven chapters, they direct what relates to every Christian.
Those Christians who are inhabitants, and with their riches and traffic are able to pay the poll-tax, shall pay no more than twelve drachms.
Excepting this, nothing shall be required of them, according to the express order of God, that says, ‘Do not molest those that have a veneration for the books that are sent from God, but rather in a kind manner’ [29:46]. Give of your good things to them, and converse with them, and hinder everyone from molesting them.
If a Christian woman shall happen to marry a Muslim man, the Muslim shall not cross the inclination of his wife, to keep her from her church and prayers, and the practice of her religion.
That no person hinder them from repairing their churches.
Whosoever acts contrary to my grant, or gives credit to anything contrary to it, becomes truly an apostate to God, and to his divine apostle, because this protection I have granted to them according to this promise.
No one shall bear arms against them, but, on the contrary, the Muslims shall wage war for them.
And by this I ordain, that none of my nation shall presume to do or act contrary to this my promise, until the end of the world.
English Translation of the Achtiname by Anton F. Haddad:

This is a letter which was issued by Mohammed, Ibn Abdullah, the Messenger, the Prophet, the Faithful, who is sent to all the people as a trust on the part of God to all His creatures, that they may have no plea against God hereafter. Verily God is the Mighty, the Wise. This letter is directed to the embracers of Islam, as a covenant given to the followers of Nazarene in the East and West, the far and near, the Arabs and foreigners, the known and the unknown.

This letter contains the oath given unto them, and he who disobeys that which is therein will be considered a disobeyer and a transgressor to that whereunto he is commanded. He will be regarded as one who has corrupted the oath of God, disbelieved His Testament, rejected His Authority, despised His Religion, and made himself deserving of His Curse, whether he is a Sultan or any other believer of Islam. Whenever monks, devotees and pilgrims gather together, whether in a mountain or valley, or den, or frequented place, or plain, or church, or in houses of worship, verily we are [at the] back of them and shall protect them, and their properties and their morals, by Myself, by My Friends and by My Assistants, for they are of My Subjects and under My Protection.

I shall exempt them from that which may disturb them; of the burdens which are paid by others as an oath of allegiance. They must not give anything of their income but that which pleases them—they must not be offended, or disturbed, or coerced or compelled. Their judges should not be changed or prevented from accomplishing their offices, nor the monks disturbed in exercising their religious order, or the people of seclusion be stopped from dwelling in their cells.

No one is allowed to plunder the pilgrims, or destroy or spoil any of their churches, or houses of worship, or take any of the things contained within these houses and bring it to the houses of Islam. And he who takes away anything therefrom, will be one who has corrupted the oath of God, and, in truth, disobeyed His Messenger.

Poll-taxes should not be put upon their judges, monks, and those whose occupation is the worship of God; nor is any other thing to be taken from them, whether it be a fine, a tax or any unjust right. Verily I shall keep their compact, wherever they may be, in the sea or on the land, in the East or West, in the North or South, for they are under My Protection and the testament of My Safety, against all things which they abhor.

No taxes or tithes should be received from those who devote themselves to the worship of God in the mountains, or from those who cultivate the Holy Lands. No one has the right to interfere with their affairs, or bring any action against them. Verily this is for aught else and not for them; rather, in the seasons of crops, they should be given a Kadah for each Ardab of wheat (about five bushels and a half) as provision for them, and no one has the right to say to them this is too much, or ask them to pay any tax.

As to those who possess properties, the wealthy and merchants, the poll-tax to be taken from them must not exceed twelve Dirhams a head per year (i.e. about 45 cents).

They shall not be imposed upon by anyone to undertake a journey, or to be forced to go to wars or to carry arms; for the Muslims have to fight for them. Do no dispute or argue with them, but deal according to the verse recorded in the Koran, to wit: ‘Do not dispute or argue with the People of the Book but in that which is best’ [29:46]. Thus they will live favored and protected from everything which may offend them by the Callers to religion (Islam), wherever they may be and in any place they may dwell.

Should any Christian woman be married to a Musulman, such marriage must not take place except after her consent, and she must not be prevented from going to her church for prayer. Their churches must be honored and they must not be withheld from building churches or repairing convents.

They must not be forced to carry arms or stones; but the Muslims must protect them and defend them against others. It is positively incumbent upon every one of the Islam nation not to contradict or disobey this oath until the Day of Resurrection and the end of the world

PREMIUM TIMES and Other NIgeria medias wanted to bring war in the South by all means,Investigate this well,you will find out that NIgerian Media are behind all Terror attack in NIgeria,

Militants invade Customs Base in Akwa Ibom; kill one, seize rifles


Heavily armed men suspected to be Niger Delta militants on Monday invaded the Nigerian Customs Service Base in Oron, Akwa Ibom State, killing an officer and carting away 10 rifles.

The Police and residents of the area, who have since confirmed the incident, said the gunmen attacked the base at about 9pm.

The Nigerian Customs Marine Base is located at Esin Ufot, a fishing community in Oron Local Government Area.

A source, who requested his identity be protected, told PREMIUM TIMES that the area has come under consistent attacks by the hoodlums.

“The so-called militants attacked the Nigerian Customs Marine office in Oron and killed one officer, injured anther and went away with 10 rifles,” the source told PREMIUM TIMES. “That is the latest in the town now.”

Another source who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES lamented that the militants were becoming more daring by the day and have been wreaking havoc in many communities in the riverine area.

According to him, the militants have raided the police station, the Nigerian Immigrations Barracks and key fishing settlements in the area.

“The situation is becoming very critical nowadays as the militants now attack security operatives and local fishermen alike,” said the source.

“The other day, they ransacked a police station and later they attacked an Immigrations Base.

“From Oron waterway to Uta Ewa in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area, the militants have been robbing and killing people almost on a daily basis.

“The last time it happened here in Oron they invaded and over powered the marine police and carted away their arms while the policemen fled for their lives”.

The source insisted that the militants were better armed than the Nigerian Police, the Nigerian Customs Service and the Nigerian Immigrations Service.

According to him, the senator representing the area in the National Assembly would soon raise a motion of urgent national importance to draw attention to the menace.

In a telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the Commissioner of Police in Akwa Ibom State, Gabriel Achong, confirmed the attack.

“Yes, it is true that militants attacked the Marine Base of the Nigerian Customs Service in Oron yesterday (Monday),” Mr. Achong said.

“It is also true that one Customs officer was killed and 10 rifles taken away by the militants.”

Is Africans abandoning their History?

Mysterious ‘mermaid’ rises from the river

By Aldo Pekeur

In what can best be described as the Western Cape’s own Loch Ness monster, the legendary “mermaid” known as the Kaaiman has reportedly been spotted in the Buffelsjags River at Suurbraak, a village close to Swellendam.

While mythcial creatures like mermaids are usually the stuff of fairytales, generations of Suurbraak residents swear that the creature exists.

The latest “sighting”, about 11 days ago, certainly now has some sceptical Suurbraak residents believing the tales of the Kaaiman told to them by their elders.

Suurbraak resident Daniel Cupido said he and a group of friends were relaxing after enjoying a potjiekos braai at the camping site next to the river when, at about 11.30pm on January 5, he heard something that sounded like someone “bashing on a wall”.

Suspecting vandals, Cupido said he walked toward the sound coming from the nearby low water bridge.

At the bridge he said he saw a figure, “like that of a white woman with long black hair thrashing about in the water”.

Thinking to save her, he waded toward her, but said he stopped in his tracks when he noticed a reddish shine in her eyes.

He said the sight sent shivers down his spine.

He called for his child Deidrian, 13, and his nephew Werner Plaatjies, 11, to help him.

Cupido claimed the creature was “hypnotic”.

He then called to some of his friends to come and take a look as well.

His friend Martin Olckers said he saw what was “definitely” a female figure swimming, first on one side of the low water bridge, then on the other, and then standing on the bridge before diving back into the black water.

Olckers said all the while the figure was making “the strangest sound”, like a woman crying.

Olckers’s mother, Dina, who was also there, said the figure sounded so sorrowful that “my heart could take it no more”.

Her husband, Martinus Olckers, said they identified the figure as the legendary Kaaiman, a creature their parents had warned them about, but they never believed existed.

The Kaaiman was described as a half-human, half-fish creature that lived in deep pools in the river. It is white in colour and has long black hair and red eyes. Dina Olkers said the creature had an eerie silver-white glow.

The last sighting of the Kaaiman was about 15 years ago. Previously it was last spotted more than 20 years earlier.

Some people hold the Kaaiman responsible for drownings in the river, believing it traps you with objects your heart desires.

Suurbraak tourism officer Maggy Jantjies said the elders had warned them about the Kaaiman and could tell stories dating back two or three generations about spotting the creature.

When asked if she believed the story, she said that she knew the people who saw the Kaaiman well and that they did not misuse alcohol, so they could not be talking “drunken nonsense”.

“It’s something we have to take seriously,” said Jantjies. – West Cape News

Highlights: Bvumba area – known for its soft cheeses and fine coffee Our Recommendations: Explore on foot the luxuriant cloud-forests of the Bvumba Mountains that have views into Mozambique; gentle walks in Bvumba Botanical Gardens; hike the scenically diverse Chimanimani Mountains; experience a botanist’s perspective.


Stretching for 300km down the eastern side of Zimbabwe, bordering Mozambique, are the Eastern Highlands — the combined name for three ranges of hills and mountains — the rolling countryside and tea plantations of the Nyanga range; the granite peaks of the Chimanimani Mountains; and the green meadows and the coffee plantations of the Bvumba range. These areas are sparsely populated, making it a peaceful place to visit. It enjoys a cool climate providing relief from the higher temperatures of the lower lands. Hidden within the rolling landscape are great little places to stay, beautiful scenic drives, fantastic walking trails and magnificent sights. Distances here are small, but differences in landscapes are great. Regions in the Eastern Highlands: To the north of the Eastern Highlands, the hills in the Nyanga National Park are covered in rolling heath-land. The Nyanga range is home to Mount Nyangani, the highest mountain in Zimbabwe (2595m). It is a good area for walking, with plenty of mountain trails, varying from gentle strolls to challenging hiking routes. Some lead to deep gorges and tumbling waterfalls, including Mtarazi Falls, which at 725m is one of Africa’s highest, others lead up mountains or to spectacular vistas. There are even serene lakes where you can relax with a picnic or hire a boat. South of Nyanga National Park, the botanical gardens at La Rochelle are en route to Mutare, the region’s centre, just off the spectacular Christmas Pass. South of the town are the luxuriant cloud-forests of the Bvumba Mountains, which have views into Mozambique. The Bvumba Botanical Gardens are a very special attraction, commanding fantastic views and offering gentle walks into the surrounding valleys. This Bvumba area is also known for its soft cheeses and fine coffee, so the delicious food found here is no surprise. Continuing south, the scenically diverse Chimanimani Mountains are a destination for dedicated hikers. The granite spikes can be climbed and the fresh streams and pools are ideal for cooling off after a hard day’s hiking exploring the rivers and valleys. The area is also home to many species of flower, making it popular with botanists.

Yahunatan Ben Yahudah wrote,read


Awaiting the response from Pastors worldwide about what has happened in America. People don’t understand what has been released in the world of the spirit. The sad thing is people are too carnal , its a very attack on YAH’ABE. You see HE created the institution of marriage even before the Congregation/church. What we are seeing is an attack on the Order of Creation. There is a New Order forming before our eyes, we know as America goes the world will follow. We live in really crucial times in the world of the spirit. Pastors need to let that “success” “favour” and “prosperity” gospel down for now and teach the TRUTH. We challenge pastors to teach on being Set Apart/Holiness, the fear of the MOST HIGH etc. We need to get our lives right with YAH’ABE I’m not looking at the gay couples its their choice I look at my life if its pleasing to NZAMBI, I’m looking at myself to live right and be set apart. Its a crucial time and we mustnt get distracted. May Prophetic voices awaken in America and may the TRUTH be told, this is the time where the Sheep are seperated from the Goats and the Wheat from the Tares. Selah !!!

They are Biafrans,and they are defending their rights,NBC,has no right to stop the existing of Humanity,this people are Biafrans ofcause,

Radio Biafra

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), on Friday, urged the public to ignore radio Biafra transmission.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Director, Public Affairs of the commission, Alhaji Awwalu Salihu, made available to newsmen in Abuja.

The statement said the commission had become aware of a pirate radio station transmitting seditious and divisive content contrary to the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and law.

It assured the public that it was working in conjunction with security forces to track the source of the broadcast.

It urged the public to ignore the inflammatory content of the broadcast and continue to work toward a strong, united and prosperous nation.

It would be recalled that Radio Biafra caused a stir on social media after it aired some ‘hate messages’.

“True Biafrans must go after the hausa Fulani Yorobber ethnic bigots and dismantle their monumental bundle of illegality and lies against Biafrans. Go after them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viber, Whatsapp etc and all the platforms you find yourselves. We have only told them to stop the decades of injustices against us and they having nightmares. The journey has just begun!” Radio Biafra published on Twitter and Facebook.

Without Biafra this Poverty and hunger is the sign of the future Nigeria,Yoruba media can not build a nation,Hausa minitary can not build a nation,

Poverty level in Nigeria intolerable — Osinbajo

CALABAR—NIGERIA’S Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo says no decent nation can tolerate the level of poverty currently ravaging the country and unless there is  a functional social system where the highly vulnerable are assisted to survive, vast majority of the population would die before long.

Professor Osibanjo who stated this in Calabar yesterday while delivering a keynote address on the 10th anniversary of the Late High Court Judge, Peter Bassey Foundation lecture, said those against the Federal Government’s policy of Conditional cash Transfer where those without jobs would be given the sum of N5,000 each to assist them are only being callous and ignorant   of the pitiable plight of large numbers of the population in the country.

osinbajo3“Social protection system is absolutely essential to assist the highly vulnerable in our society but  I hear some critics  say that people should work to earn money but the only way out for now  is to ensure that people  who earn  nothing can eat to avoid preventable deaths”

He said while the government is working towards creating jobs and enabling the private sector to revamp and build industries to provide employment, government has a responsibility to ensure that the vast majority of Nigerians who are extremity poor are catered for through the conditional cash transfer system  to enable them  eat and take care of their health needs.

“If we have to wait until the industries are functional and the government is able to provide jobs for everyone, most people would be dead by the time we get to that stage”

The Vice President who also spoke on the poor values in the country said, development has eluded the country  this long because of the lack of values in the society.

“The justification of stealing, cheating and corruption is because we have not adopted the values for doing the right thing. The biblical injunction, ‘thou shall not steal is not only  to stop  stealing but attuned  to a just and right way of doing things  because  if you are supposed to report for work at 8:00 am but you show up at 11:00 am you are stealing your employers three hours and should therefore be paid for the time you reported and not a whole days work”.

He said development can come  only be witnessed in  the country owing if the right people are appointed  into the right position on merit not  via federal character  formula which is skewed to favour where someone comes from and not what he can offer. “We have the chaos we have in the country today because people want to get away with anything and this is because federal character is the first  rule where people are appointed into positions based on the zone or state he comes from and not on merit, until there is a reverse, development will continue to elude us”.

– See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/06/poverty-level-in-nigeria-intolerable-osinbajo/#sthash.kApkHntL.dpuf

Ekenedilichukwu Emmanuel Ogechukwukama,Biafra


Please don’t hate me because I love Biafra and I post about Biafra all the time. It is a great honour to know that more than 3 million people died trying to create an identity for us, we must keep Biafra alive. Also, it is good to know that people like late Steve Jobs became an agnostic and stopped going to church, felt disappointed in Christians after seeing what happened in Biafra and how the so-called Christian nations handled the sordid Nigerian Genocide in Biafra. So Jobs chose to “die spiritually” in order to prove the seriousness of the miscarriage of justice in Biafra by the rest of the world community. Lastly, it is good to know that people like Bruce Mayrock burnt himself to death on the lawn of the United Nations building Headquarters to protest against the genocide been committed during the Nigeria- Biafra war with a big sign that reads; “YOU MUST STOP GENOCIDE! PLEASE SAVE NINE MILLION BIAFRANS”. Bruce Mayrock died about nine hours after he set himself on fire. He was born on May 6, 1949 and he took his own life for my people whom he never met before in May 30, 1969!