Angry traders ground commercial activities in Aba,Buhari is killing the Biafrans


Breaking News,Buhari send soldiers to kill the Biafrans in Aba because they did not vote for HIm,

11218061_950410198333456_6900125922806442582_nWe are Children of Biafran Soldiers,NIgeria Soldiers have decided to send us to exile and keep killing the Biafran people in NIgeria and in Biafraland,for so long we have been keeping quiet,the world keep quiet aswell,our story have been untold,our Musiums are been kept abandoned,Buhari went to U,S,A,Germany,and England,and some African Country garthering weapon secret ,to fight boko haram in the north,now Buhari is killing the Biafrans in Aba,that is why we must be radical,and we dont have any option than to fight first,Biafrans home and abroad,it does not matter where ever you live,or who you are,all you have to know is that we are Biafrans,and we must go to war with NIgeria,they will kill us,and we will kill them,but at end those who lives will be called Biafra,even if i die in this battle,dont worry my spirit is well resting with Anscestors,

Buhari Traveling to the World to buy weapon to fight boko haram in the north,and turn back and using the same gun to kill people in the East,

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HAPPENING NOW! First Photos From The Riot In Aba; 3 Dead, Ariaria Market Deserted,There is serious riot in Aba now at The Ariaria Market. The market is now deserted. Some eyewitnesses said the riot started when a team of policemen shot dead three traders in the shoe zone of the market while the police were pursuing some drug dealers. The police station in the area have been reportedly set on fire by the irate mob while prisoners in the police cell have been set free. These are some of the first pictures from the riot.

Some of these photos are shady because of teargas all over as our reporter on the ground is dodging bullet from the police…. Safety first.
Journalism no be small tin ooo,The world should giving NIgeria weapons,they feed from Biafrans,they haras The Biafrans,and They kill the Biafrans,because because British is behind all this killings,Biafrans will be little Radical now,because killing people in their home,will make the people to be radical,They killed Three Biafrans,BIafrans will destroy all the police station in Aba,

I Think it is the rights of Bakassi people to say where they belong,

Buhari2-300x200President Muhammadu Buhari, in Yaunde, Republic of Cameroon says Nigeria will obey and will not challenge the International Court of Justice’s ruling on the Bakassi peninsula.

Saying his administration would ensure the faithful implementation of the Green Tree Agreement, which regulates the ceding of Bakassi to Cameroon

The Nigerian leader made the statement on Wednesday in Cameroon while in an interactive session with Nigerians living in the nation.

Buhari who left Abuja for Yaunde yesterday to hold talks with President Paul Biya on measures to end insurgency in the countries within the Lake Chad Basin commission said this to some Nigerians resident in Cameroon who had complained that the inhuman treatment by the country’s authorities since the ICJ’s ruling.
“Since Nigeria allowed the case to go to court (ICJ), and we lost, we have to abide by it,” the President said in response to a question from a Nigerian on the issue.He told them that his administration would implement the Green Tree Agreement, which regulates the ceding of the Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon.

Nigeria had on October 9, 2012, finally conceded the disputed Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon in line with the judgment of the International Court of Justice awarding the area to the Central African country.President Buhari also vowed to expedite the safe return and rehabilitation of over 40,000 Nigerians in Cameroon, who fled their homes as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency in the oil-rich nation’s north-east.

President Buhari however urged the people to be mindful of Boko Haram activities, stressing the understating between Cameroon and Nigeria.

“We must also support our gallant security and military personnel as they fight to defend our country “That is why we maintain these high level contacts with the government here and the reason why I am here.  Nigeria and Cameroon share so much in common and the potential exists for even greater cooperation between our two countries.

“I am delighted to hear of the peaceful relations that exist between you and your Cameroonian hosts. I am very proud of our Nigerian Diaspora; wherever I go I meet extraordinary Nigerians doing great things and contributing positively to developments of their host countries.

“I urge you to continue to project the image of our dear country well, through your hard work and good conduct in order to promote good neighborliness.

“I also urge you to continue to respect the laws and customs and policies of your host country. I urge you to continue to live in peace with your brother and sister Cameroonians.” He stated

President Buhari will depart Cameroon for Abuja Today

Confusion as Peter Obi Imposes Uzodike as Anambra PDP Secretary,We dont Want PDP in Anambra,they are criminals,

 Mr. Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra
Palpable fear has gripped the rank and file of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) following the seeming imposition of the former Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism under the Peter Obi administration, Chief JoeMartins Uzodike, as the Secretary of the   Anambra PDP Chairman.
Uzodike who served as the Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) whom he worked as his Campaign Director-General in the November 2013, governorship election is to work with Prince Ken Emeakayi who was returned unopposed as the new Chairman of the party in the State.
The Returning Officer of the Anambra State PDP Congress, Ike Abonyi, a veteran journalist had  announced  Emeakayi  as an unopposed winner for the chairmanship position while Mr. Nzube  James Etoniru  was elected as the Secretary.
But the fresh move to replace Etoniru, with Uzodike, who is also from Idemili South LGA  is seen by political pundits as a masterstroke by the former governor Obi to have a firm grip of PDP’s structure ahead of the 2018 and 2019 gubernatorial and Presidential elections.
The former governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi, it was gathered, is behind the fresh move to foist Uzodike as the new scribe of PDP.
Emeakayi had secured a total of 958 votes to emerge victorious  in the State Congress of the Party held at Emmaus House, Awka Sarturday, July 23, this year.The State Congress monitored by Godfrey Nsofor from INEC’s  Elections and Party Monitoring unit  was organized to elect State Executives for the party after the national leadership sacked all the factions contending for leadership in the Stare, including the Emeakayi and Ejike Oguenego factions.

In the stead, the National Working Committee of the PDP had  set up a Caretaker Committee to run the affairs of the party preparatory to the 2015 general elections.
The move to impose Uzoduike as the Secretary of PDP in Anambra State is generating tension in the party, with loyalist of the elected Secretary backed by anti-Obi elements and godfathers threatening to resist the move.
According to our investigation, Chief Obi who dumped APGA for PDP was believably offered the ticket of the running mate to former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu  in the 2019 Presidential election should he deliver the  next governor of Anambra State  to PDP in the 2018 governorship election.
Obi, after failing  as the Deputy Director-General of PDP to return President Goodluck Jonathan to power in the 2015 Presidential election, Chief Obi is  under pressure to remain politically relevant, hence the fresh move.
The foisting of Uzodike, a lawyer and persuasive political communicator on PDP, we gathered, put to rest the worry behind Chief Obi’s father Christmas gestures to schools and religious organizations over one year after leaving office.
The donations, which ruffled feathers, in some quarters, are seem as a precursor to plans kept in Obi’s chest to make a political statement of his grip of the State over one year he left office.
Chief Obi  dumped APGA for PDP  in a controversial manner at a colourful ceremony held at his Niger Drive residence, Onitsha, few weeks to the Presidential election, contending his move was to make him remain political relevant in national politics and  work for Jonathan’s  botched return to power  in the 2015 Presidential election.
Apart from Emeakayi, others winners were   Mr. Emeka Nzekwe – Publicity Secretary (Anambra East), Prince Eddy Okosi (Youth Leader (Onitsha North), Wilson Anakwe –  Treasurer ((Awka South), Sa-Ben  Nwosu –  Organizing Secretary (Nnewi North), Afam Akonnaya – Legal Adviser (Njikoka).
The  post of the Financial Secretary was  contested by Mr. Ekedozie  and Egwuoyibo Okoye both from Nnewi South LGA as well as the post of Women Leader  vied by Mrs Grace Okeke and Ego Afuegbu, both from  Dunukofia LGA.
The victory of the immediate past Chairman of the Anambra State PDP, Emeakayi, it was learnmjt, has not gone down well with other chieftains of the party, some of who shunned the State Congress.
Among those who diod not participate in the Congress include the former Vice President, Dr. Alex Ekwueme; Senator Onyeabo Obi,member PDP Board of Trustees;  Olisa Metuh, National Publicity Secretary; Iyom Josephine Anenih, member of BOT; serving Senators, Andy Uba, Uche Ekwunife and Stella Oduah.
Also among the delegates who absented themselves from the exercise and current members  House of Representatives on the platform of  PDP, included ,  Chukwuka Onyema, Linda Ikpeazu,  Eucharia Azodo, Sopuluchukwu Onwuka, and Emeka Anohu as well as three PDP  members of the State House of Assembly.
A total of  968 delegates from the 21 local government areas  were accredited  to vote in contestants who vied for 26 positions.
From Uche Osibe

What is your own part of Biafra History Mr Nwokedi,

Well my self especially,history forces me to keep history after lossing my younger brother okwuchukwu and younger sister chibuzo,when I am between 8 and 10 years,in 1992 i was 14 years that is when everything thing seem not to understand again,but i found my new life then in misery ways,leaving my homeland in 1992 living in a places that i dont know,sometimes we lost memory of past and keep memory of 167509_491936739833_804839833_5783839_6108458_npressent,sometimes we lost present and looking for future memory some time everything mixt up,but it is only way out,because Nigerian let Biafrans to goes that way,I started living in many cities in NIgeria,I have one tribal mark on my face,and this tribal mark is the mark that Nigeria hate,but i have it,this is the reason why Biafrans must be free,because any body with this mark may not know where his problem is coming from,but I know,and that is why Biafra will be free they need freedom from nigeria to be able to live,this is the reason i left Nigeria states to west africa,traveling to African states have suprises me much in my history,interesting of it,I saw people with same tribal mark that I have in all African states that I have been into,they looks like me,same tribal marks,same place in our faces,i have lived with some of them aswell,and they shows me same culture,same tradition but we speaks different languages,Igbo elders always tell their children that Nwannedina mba,meaning that our relatives are everywhere in the world,because during the time of Roman and Babylon Conncering Yerushalim,our relatives went different part of Africa,and with this mark I can find them,but with this mark NIgeria is killing the Biafrans,ethiopians have same mark,eriterian,fula people,tukro,many black hebrews have same mark,there are a lot of untold stories in biafraland,and we have come to make it to be history,

How have you Experience post Biafran war in your village ,Mr Nwokedi,

After the Nigerian Biafran war there is what they called abandoned property,means that our elders have lost all their belongings,Biafrans were starved which is the key point of the loss of the war,starving Biafrans with no food ,no water but poluted ones,my mother told me how they have been eating everything thing that have lives just to sustain live,10983326_951915064849636_3596699253167246156_npeople do eat this,and uptill today,people see each other helpless,because there is nothing to help,some mother throws younger one in the pit,because nigerian soldiers is killing the elders when the children is crying for hunger,the soldiers will get link with the voice who is crying for food,to kill their elders,167509_491936739833_804839833_5783839_6108458_nwhen the babies cries Nigeria Soldiers knows that Biafrans are there,and they will bomb everywhere,that is why Elders decide to throw us inside pit hole,before they died with us,people betrayed one another just to save own life,or save food to eat while others died in hunger,this story will continue and must be tell in many different ways,so that we will know what have been falling at us,every Family man and wife ,single ,started life with 20 pounds,NIgeria have grown up with hate minds,making life ungovernable to the Biafrans,killing them in every city of Nigeria,

What do you remember about Biafran war,Mr Nwokedi,

11407119_1752879968271967_2011499945964499677_nThe Genocide is one of the trauma that I have in my life,it makes me uncomfortable each time that i remembered my self,My own Nwokedi Family lost over 12 members of our Family,Neighbours similar,they feel the same pain,that is why I say all Biafrans have a story to tell,together it is our history,all the people of Easter Region of NIgeria,formal Biafra lost over 4 million during the war,and morethan 2 million after the war,and after the war the hunger let everybody to scartered everywhere in the world where they find food,and shelter,we are living everywhere in the world without knowing who we are,without identify as who we are,without telling our story but telling NIgerian story,without even knowing our reall history,because some Ohaneze Ndigbo,so called Igbo elders have refused to tell us our reall history,instead they are playing Nigerian politic with our future,over 50 million Biafrans lives in over 88 countries arround the world,It started after the war,that is how over 50 million Trauma and depression facing us,because it is started from the Genocide untold Biafran history,BUt freedom of Biafra will cure all this sickness,

living in old memory while ruling the future,what do you think?Mr Nwokedi


When Buhari said NIgeria what do you understand?Who and who do you think Buhari is calling NIgeria?I think by Buharis Apointment and how Nigerian system have been working,I think the Northerners and few westerners are NIgeria,there are NIgerians and there are slaves in NIgeria,Buhari is very wicked,and those behind Him is very very wicked,for so long Biafrans have been living in that land,but Buhari and NIgeria keep showing them haterade,and descrimination,Intimidation,humiliation,starving,abandoned,etc,The World can see all this going on in Nigeria and they keep quiet,The Elderly Biafrans can feel this,but they can not talk,people and friends of Biafrans will will see all this going on to their friends,and they will keep quiet,and Buhari is now going round the world,buying weapons keeping it in NIgeria,using it to kill non Nigerians,British and other countries who wanted to kill all non NIgerians is giving Buhari weapons to kill oil rich Biafran people,it is easy for all Biafrans to pic up weapons,and tag Buhari and His supponsors a criminal,Man is Man,Buhari is one Man,I am one Man,every body is Human beign,If we cant give each other a respect or we go to war,I dont believe in Talking too much,because all the people have this same pain that i have feels also same feelings that I feels,who are you Buhari,and why are you so wicked towards people,?If you hate people will you go ahead and kill them,?cant you learn how to be your self,?If America made you,then go and work in America,African leaders is playing game by giving you weapons to be killing the Biafrans,and you cant fight Biafra,because we are everywhere in the world,

IWA JI ISUOFIA 2015 (Isuofia New yam festival 2015):Hebrew Tradition,

As a high ranking Ichie and the media head of isuofial royal traditional council led by His royal majesty Igwe C.A.O Muoghalu ( Lt.col rtd), Isu 11 of Isuofia, Ochiaghadioramma the traditional ruler of isuofia community and also the current chairman Aguata local govt council of traditional rulers, The president General, Isuofia peoples union federated ably led by Hon. (Ichie) Joshua Onuorah, Umuada Isuofia, Isuofia youths forum ( ugwumba youths) led by Hon Uzoekwe Aloy , I hereby invite u all to our new yam festival onbehalf of the entire Isuofia community coming up on the 8th of august 2015.
Day (1): 6th aug 2015: ‘IKPO JI’ by Isiaku village: This procession will take off from ‘Isi Obi’ Isuofia in Isiaku village with a basket full of yams to Orie afuzo market square where it will b displayed signifying that the years yam is now done and good for consumption.
Day (2). 7th aug 2015: IWA JI IGWE IN HIS PALACE: On this day, Isuofia traditional institution ( Royal council) i e Igwe and his Ndi Ichie s supported by other traditional Rulers in Aguata LGA will cut the yam officially in his palace
Day (3) Isuofia new yam festival proper. Venue: ISUOFIA CIVIC CENTER
Cultural displays: Egedege Unubi led by Theresa onuora, ‘Ubo’ Udo diri age grade Ozala Isuofia, Adamma cultural dance from enugu state, masqurades etc. For those YOU  MEN who have never be opportuned to see this masqurade which have transversed upto 3 decades, having appeared on earth in the 18th century for the first time in the name of MGBADIKE ISIAKU, this is a golden opportunity for you  to witness it in your  life time. I enjoin all Isuofia Indigenes to make use of this long vacation to bring their wards home atleast to get acquinted wth our customs and traditions. PIs do honour us with ur esteemed presence. Udo ga adiri na obodo anyi..
Ichie nwakaibeya Isuofia
Ugomba umuona