Who are this Igbo Leaders?and who and who are they repressenting?

Igbos leaders ready to work with Buharistarvation-biafra2

Igbo leaders have expressed their readiness to work with the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in his quest to transform Nigeria.
They also denied claims that Buhari hated the Igbos and wanted to sideline them in appointments into his government.
The Igbo leaders who met at the weekend under the aegis of Coalition of Eastern Nigeria Political Pressure Groups, pledged to give unfettered support to the administration of Buhari.
Chancellor of the group, Nze Alvis Agukwe said the group will present a political road map for Ndi-Igbo in the current scheme of things in order to find the right direction in the interest of its peopl

Uwazuluike Massob,Ohaneze Ndigbo,Igbo youths,are not For Biafra,They are Criminals,

starvation-biafraOhaneze Ndigbo and Massob and Igbo youths are the greatest Problems facing the Children of Biafra,since after the war,Massob have been agitating for actualizing of Biafra,but the same Massob leaders have been killing the same Biafrans my Friends,my Brother Chidiebere Okafor from Isuofia was one those died in Umuahia,,Uwazuluike is stealing from people in the name of Biafra,and Biafrans are suffering from this Mans hand ,any day Biafrans went to demonstrate for their rights,Uwazuluike will send some Masoob members to go and steal or just to make Biafran name to be Bad,while he is using it for His personal interest,kidnaping people,taking peoples land by force,,Ohaneze have been stealing Money from Nigeria in the Name of all Igbo people,Oha,or Ora means everybody,Eze is KIng,meaning the money belongs to every Indeginous people of Biafra,but those few Men and Women who took the money,ate the money alone,they are not from Biafra,and they are not there for in Igbo people in general,there is no youth that is repressenting any of us,We are now coming up with Radio Biafra,as IPOB,Indeginous people of Biafra,where we are adressing this Issues ,where we agree and disagrees with one another,where we I dentifys our selves for who we are,Ohaneze Ndigbo and Massob Leader must be arrested,for comiting crime  after crime,since after the Biafran genocide no one have ever adress this Issue,most of us are still in exile suffering,building the land where we find second home,and this groups are the forces that is still killing the Biafrans,and they must stop it,they have made it open that they are not for Biafra,and they should kindly go away from anything that is belongs to us,if anybody wanted to do anything,they have to do it with their own name,or their own Family name,using Oha ,Ora Name,will corse damage,that is why I said that they must be get arrested ,Oha,Ora,Is everybodies Name,it is not ment for groups ,but few men have been using it for their own self interest,without oha,ora,peoples comand,for that ICC,Get them all arrested,

Signs and Wonders in Aguataland,Land of Agulu-Eze-Chukwu,Aguata,

Ezeh Basil Chidubem,wrote11817281_836640923086990_5995264104289785075_n
EZE-ANI stream, in my town Aguluezechukwu… Natural spring water… It take care of providing water to the villagers during dry season, every body from Aguluezechukwu can fesh it but visitors from other town, their women can not fesh it, if she do, she will bring some items to appease the gods of the stream or she will face any predicament in future, all the fish and other animals in this stream is not to be kill by anyone, except by mistaken, and other many things…
Nwokedi wrote
,all this is convenant from our Anscestors to God,even if people converted to new testament,they must try to Respect convenant,because there is many spirits behind all convenant,Convenant is what God made,by Nature we see it,but testament is man made,and by material we see it aswell,Aguata is Ancient home of the Israelites,and for Sure God of Israel have done great signs and wonders in that land,In Idemmiri,in Owere Ezukala,Ogba,Iyi Agu Nanka,Obizi Uga,even do the sin of the people by braking some convernant,some streams have disapeared in Aguata,

Nigeria’s looted £400bn in Europe, Asia — UK group.

Over £400bn worth of Nigerian money is being stashed away in Europe, 11846589_903391759709191_8404636117196174428_nAsia and America, says a group, Africa Secretariat.

Currently, President Muhammadu Buhari is seeking the assistance of the United States and European countries to recover looted Nigerian funds kept in foreign banks.

Coordinator of the United Kingdom-based group, Mr. Ben Oguntala, told SUNDAY PUNCH on Friday that his group had suggested ways of recovering the looted funds to President Buhari.

He said, “The image President Buhari is projecting is his promise to fight corruption. He cannot do this alone and it is for this reason that we have sent the President our proposal for addressing corruption.

“There is over £400bn worth of Nigerian money being fraudulently held in Europe, Asia and America. When we met with the President on his visit to London (earlier this year), he asked us to find out how Nigerians in the Diaspora can contribute to the development of Nigeria and we see fighting corruption as a cornerstone of that change that Nigeria is leading across Africa.

“The perpetrators thought they got away from the Nigerian law but now, finally, the law can be extended to bring them to account.”

According to Oguntala, an anti-corruption agency which will be established in Britain has been suggested to Buhari.

“The Nigerian Corruption Amnesty Commission proposal has been suggested and submitted to the President. It will be headed by one of the most talented lawyers in criminal law in the world. The commission will be answerable directly to the President and will be held in the UK, using the UK and European Union laws to target perpetrators who thought they were out of the Nigerian legal jurisdiction,” he said.

The proposed commission, Oguntala noted, would invoke the powers of UK’s Bribery and Corruption Act of 2010 and its EU and US equivalent, in collaboration with the Serious Fraud Office and the Metropolitan Police and international fraud agencies that already have names of those that defrauded Nigeria on their radar.

The NCAC will also allow Nigerians in the Diaspora and their country to give evidence to the commission.

Oguntala added, “Using social media and the Internet, witnesses will be able to give evidence from any location across the world, providing evidence of corruption they know. The commission will also give a window for perpetrators to confess and return their loots or face the book being thrown at them.

“As part of the confession they give, the commission will demand details of how they carried out the corruption and the information will be used to plug the loophole in the commensurate sources in Nigeria to ensure we prevent such graft from happening again.”

I have the Mark of the Spirit that I am dedicated into on my face,if you have same mark,we belongs to same Spirit,

10547210_1585246448368654_7306507581121943297_oI was born and dedicated to Great Spirit of Ancient Anscestors,I have the mark that links me to the Spirit in my face,you may come from any part of Africa,but if you have same mark or similar mark,me and you where dedicated to the same spirit,I have saw people from almost every part of Africa with same mark,Tanzania,Angola,Kenya,Ethiopia,Eriterean,Sudan,Somalia,Chad,ghana.Gambia.senegal,burkinafaso, Cameroon,Biafra,Sieraleon,etc,I saw always one particular  tribe with my same mark,look me very well in my face,you will see the mark ,and start looking African people on their Faces,you will see more,We have signs of the same Spirit,The spirit that is defending the harmless people,the spirit that eats truth and honesty,the spirit who did and will not abandon us even if every body rejected us,as long as there is truth and honesty,the spirit is always there,it is also untold history of those who keeps the same mark,Nwanne di mba,our relatives are everywhere,and with this mark,they can see me,and i can see them,we will know that we have onething in comon,We are Hebrews,The God of our Forefathers is with us,we have His signs on our face,thank you for reading,and you may like to ask Questions,you are welcome,

Okorocha is Destroying His home,He sold APGA to APC,and turned APGA children to slave,

Unpaid Salaries: Publish State Expenditure, Archbishop Obinna Tells Okorocha,Governor-Rochas-Okorocha

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Obinna, has challenged Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, to publish disbursement of the state funds.

Obinna spoke yesterday, while delivering a sermon at Maria Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri, the state capital. He said disclosing the expenditure would enlighten the people on the true financial status of Imo.

Wondering why workers and pensioners were being owed, the cleric said “Lack of salary creates room for murmuring. It is necessary that parents receive their salaries and pensions to take care of themselves and their families. When parents do not provide for their families, it will lead to murmuring. “If there is money, why is it not being used to pay workers and pensioners? If there is no money, it is important to let people know. Lack of accountability and transparency could lead to murmuring”.

According to him, government account was not a personal thing and should be made public, if the government truly wants to be accountable. “Publish the account so that everybody will know that there is no money. But as long as Nigeria is considered a rich country, as long as oil is still flowing, everybody is looking up to see when the oil money will get to the state”, Obinna said