Ogbanje Spirits in Igboland,is like Prophets Spirits,

An ogbanje is a reincarnating  spirit that would deliberately plague a family with misfortune.because some Igbos have lost their Ancestrial ways and following Christian ways, In folklore,o2 the ogbanje upon being born by the mother, under a certain amount of time (usually before puberty), would deliberately die and then come back and repeat the cycle, causing the family grief. This time period varies between minutes, hours, days and years. Female circumcision was sometimes thought to get rid of the evil spirit, whereas finding the evil spirits Iyi-uwa, which they have dug somewhere secret, would ensure the ogbanje would never plague the family with misfortune again. The Iyi-uwa is a stone that the ogbanje’s way of coming back to the world and also a way of finding its targeted family. The stone is deep enough to not have been planted physically by a child. The iyi-uwa is dug out by a priest and destroyed. Furthermore, female ogbanje die during pregnancies along with the baby, male ogbanje die before the birth of a wife’s baby or the baby dies. The child is confirmed to no longer be an ogbanje after the destruction of the stone or after they successfully give birth to another baby.but in other ways to understand this,Christianity have forced the Igbo ways of life to became Christian ways of life,which is not origin from the people calling themselves Christians,Ogbanje spirits is not evil spirits,but it is also not origin from christians,the Spirits of the Prophets and Prophetes reflects in the life of their childrens but if they adapted the force christian way,they will keep calling evil and demon and pegan and idol,but that is not the meaning in Igbo Language,

The Igbo have traditionally believed in reincarnation, ilo-uwa. People are believed to reincarnate into families that they were part of while alive.[32] People can usually reincarnate seven times, giving seven opportunities to enter the spirit world successfully as an ancestor. The persons cycle number on earth is unknown to them. Humans can only reincarnate as humans.[32] Families hire fortune tellers to reveal the ancestral identity of the child in their former life, the baby is sometimes named after this relative.[32] The personality of the ancestor is not identical to the child’s but rather the concept establishes a vital relationship with the child and characteristics of the ancestor.[33] Before a relative dies, it is said that the soon to be deceased relative sometimes give clues of who they will reincarnate as in the family. Once a child is born, he or she is believed to give signs of who they have reincarnated from. This can be through behaviour, physical traits and statements by the child. A diviner can help in detecting who the child has reincarnated from. It is considered an insult if a male is said to have reincarnated as a female.[34] An ancestor may reincarnate as multiple people in which case share a mortal bond; upon the death of one person, it is believed that the others may die a sudden death if they see the corpse.

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