Igbo People should start writing their history,

Every IGBO/HEBREW should have these article saved. For your children and their children children because it wont be thought in schools mostly in these death trap called Nigeria where history is not though in schools. Even if they try to teach they teach garbage.
This is OUR History.14563506_1248813871848883_7841042978968565114_n
THE Igbo people of Nigeria : JEWS OF AFRICA
In a White House memo dated Tuesday, January 28, 1969 to President Nixon, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger describes the Igbos as “the wandering Jews of West Africa-gifted, aggressive, westernized, at best envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the federation”(foreign relations document, volume E-5, documents on Africa 1969-1972).
Kissinger’s description aptly portrays the Christian Igbos and their experience in Nigeria. Over the years, the Igbos have been the victims of numerous massacres, that they have lost count. Most of the violence directed against the Igbos have been state sponsored. One can say that the Igbos knew how to spell “state sponsored terrorism” before the rest of the world did. The state sponsored terrorism directed against the Igbos in 1966, led to the declaration of the Republic of Biafra by the Igbos and subsequent civil war. Over two million Igbos died in the civil war, primarily by starvation. One will not be wrong, if they call the Igbos the “Tutsis” of Nigeria. Today, an Islamic terrorist Conglomerate led by the dreaded Boko Haram are still slaughtering Igbos and other Christians in Northen Nigeria. Igbos have always seen themselves as a bulwark against the spread of Islam to Southern Nigeria, and as a result, a perennial target of Islamic zealots.14729114_1248814718515465_6625566080767608410_n
However, the Igbos are one of the largest and most distinctive of all African ethnic groups. Predominantly found in Southeastern Nigeria, they number about 40 million worldwide, with about 30 million in Nigeria. They constitute about 18% of Nigeria’s population, with significant Igbo populations in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Ivory Coast. Igbos predominate in five states in Nigeria-Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Abia. In three other states- Rivers, Lagos and Delta, they constitute almost 25% of the population.
During the slave trade, Igbo slaves were known to be the most rebellious. Most of the slave rebellions in the United States, Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana were led by Igbo slaves. In South Carolina, Igbo slaves were reported to have drowned themselves, rather than be kept as slaves. Today that place is called Ebo Island in commemoration of the slaves who died there. The Gullahs are Igbo. Igbos were one of the 13 African ethnic groups that provided the bulk of the slaves who were brought to the Americas. Majority of the slaves who ended up in Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland, Arkansas, Mississippi, South and North Carolina and Georgia were Igbo. An Igbo museum has been built in Virginia to honor the contribution of Igbo slaves to the state. One of the Igbo slaves who was sent to Liberia by the American Colonization Society-Edward Roye- became the fourth president of Liberia. Another Igbo slave, Olaiduah Equiano wrote the famous slave chronicles.14718742_1248814561848814_806994757506969195_n
During the colonial period, the British disliked the Igbos, because of their supposedly uppitiness and argumentativeness. During military service in Burma and India, the pride of Igbo soldiers amongst other African soldiers was proverbial. In the company offices and orderly rooms, the first few words from the White officer speaking to an Igbo soldier was followed by “don’t argue, you! Or “you want to be too clever”, and similar expressions. Their expressive and aggressive mentality which they enjoy in their culture at home, does not always allow them to accept false charges or accusations without responding. The late famous writer, Langston Hughes, observed “the Igbo looks proud because he is bred in a free atmosphere where everyone is equal. He hates to depend on anyone for his life’s need. He does not mind if others look proud. He has much to be proud of in his land. Nature has provided for him. He is strong and able to work or fight. He is well formed. He is generally happy in his society where no ruler overrides his conscience. He likes to advance and he is quick to learn. He likes to give rather than take”.12065629_984646484909827_5599616063704269167_n
Culturally, the Igbos are a very diverse group with different clans, families, subcultures, and subgroups. However, the customs are similar with local varieties. Although there are disagreements about the origins of the Igbos, there is a consensus that they originated from Nri in Anambra State of Nigeria. The language of the Igbos is Igbo or Ibo. It is one of the largest spoken languages in Africa, with Hausa and Yoruba. Igbo speaking people are divided into five geographically based subcultures-Northern Igbo, Western Igbo, Southern Igbo, Eastern Igbo and Northeastern Igbo. Not as urbanized as the Yoruba, they live in multitudinous villages, fragmented into small family groups. They do not have hereditary chiefs like the the Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani. Every Igbo more or less is his or her own master. The Igbos operate the “Umunna System”, which emphasizes the patrilineal heritage, rather than the matrilineal. Some of the important Igbo cities include, Onitsha, Enugu, Umuahia, Aba, Asaba, Abakaliki, Owerri, Nsukka.13731609_1177281702312970_6557271492854520641_n
In commerce, the Igbos are a mobile, vividly industrious people who have spread all over Nigeria and Africa as traders and small merchants. In countries like Gabon, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Gambia, Igbo traders predominate in retail trade. Most Igbos are clannish, despite their individualism and hold closely together in non Igbo communities. They are often very unpopular in the communities they live in, because they push very hard to make money and often dominate the retail business in alien communities. In his book, the Brutality of Nations, Dan Jacobs describes the Igbos “as ambitious, dynamic and progressive people whose education and abilities did not endear them to those among whom they lived. Even during British rule, there were massacres of Igbos in Northern Nigeria-in Jos in 1945 and in Kano in 1953. The Igbos have acquired the sobriquet, Jews of Africa”.14435262_316283915399891_8273129006533531209_o

Education is highly emphasized and given priority in Igboland. Converted to Christianity by Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian missionaries, they took up self improvement with such enthusiasm, that by the 1960’s, the Igbos had the highest percentage of doctors, lawyers, engineers, physicists, and teachers than any other ethnic group in Africa. Because of the abundant educational talent in Igboland many newly independent African nations recruited them to fill vacancies in their civil service. The first American style university built in Africa was in Igboland-the University of Nigeria at Nsukka. Its founder, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was a graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. The Igbos and the Yorubas are the most educated ethnic group in Africa.
Politically, the Igbos are very effervescent and volatile. According to author Dan Jacobs “for Britain and for the British civil servants who continued to work in the Northern Region, the Igbos have always been a troublesome element in the federation, a people with a democratic tradition who are not easily controlled. Many British were glad to see them out of a central position in the federation, as were those who had driven them back to their homeland and those who now held the civil service and other jobs they had left”. The Igbos had been the most ardent advocates of a united Nigeria. Upon independence in 1960, an Igbo, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe-American educated- became the first President and Governor General, while another Igbo, Aguiyi Ironsi became the first indigenous military chief. Leadership of most of the elite universities in Nigeria were also occupied by the Igbos.10342995_972753939432415_6570105092291706223_n
Following the military coup of January 1966, which the Igbos were accused of initiating, Aguiyi Ironsi, an Igbo, became President and Supreme Commander of the armed forces. Tensions rose very high in the country resulting in the massacre of Igbos in May 1966. In July 1966.

Igbos Repent,come back to your culture and tradition,

I learnt that’s so many people are asking questions about me they want to know my mission and why we’re doing what we’re are doing today. Some are saying that am now into diabolical means that i now Worship idols,Some are asking why am i Against Christianity, churches, let me make it clear to everybody am not against churches but what am against is deceptions , lies going on in the churches today, are you people not tire of the lies from the pulpit of all these so called men of God or Prophets,14695345_989356054544508_6785908486713598900_n the man who sold special anointing oil for protection for you is using police with Ak 47 for protection, who is deceiving who? Or you want me not to talk about the idols the Europeans brought to us here in the name of Christianity, well if you want to know more about the work we are doing you are free to inbox me for more information’s about our ministry or how you can even support us tnx,REMEMBER ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE. Udo CHINEKE diri unu n’ile Iseee Iseee Iseee.

Why do Igbos love to colonize themselves with colonial names?Nwokedi

Those Igbo people who are sharing Clinthon and Trump messages are you from America?did you related to America.is America your mother land?dont you know that it is time to identify yourself for who you are,and some colonial Mentality Igbos are showing what they are not,some saying that they are christians who made you a christians ? Colonial Missionaries,why are Some Igbos always dedying their real,?you dont like your name because they have meaning,you took meaningless names,you dont like your culture and tradition because they tell you the truth ,you became a christian,you dont support your own ,you dont buy home made,you dont trust your fellow igbo,that is why you campaigning for those who dont care for you,or those that you dont know,you dont like to write or tell your stories,you are now telling other peoples story,you cant run away from who you are,13698119_1251173878257085_1336121150370601040_oI am from Akulu Village in Isuofia Town of Aguata Region of Anambra State,Akulu is Descendant of Black Smiths,Ndi Uzu or Umu Uzu,from Awka,which Umu Uzu lives everywhere in Biafraland,because our history dated back as 9th century,in Igbo Museum you will see all the art works from my Forefathers,14138133_1251221448252328_9065101434948603575_oPeople should be happy with their herritages,If I go to any Part of Biafra land ,i have to Identify myself as who Iam if not i may miss my chance to know or findout that They have my Family with them,like in Nnewi they have umu uzu,in everywhere in Biafra land,so if you did not take who you are,you will be baptized or colonized,

Umuchukwu Okike Abiama,Igbo Prophets,

Wow glory to EZECHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA for promoting our gospel through Nigeria medias, let me say this ones again we don’t worship idols both the ones we have here and the one they brought to us here from Europe, we only worship Almighty Ezechukwu OKIKE ABIAMA the creator of Heaven and Earth, and we worship Him in our own cultural way of life and language not the way of Europeans, am calling on Umuchineke Umunnem na Umunnam who have known the truth to come out and perch this gospel of truth with us, am out to tell world the truth, please support us if you can let’s do this work of our father Ezechukwu OKIKE ABIAMA, udo CHINEKE diri unu n’ile Iseee Iseee Iseeeeeeeeeeeee Umuchineke.

Onyeozi Chukwunonso Obijiofor Nwolisa's photo.
Onyeozi Chukwunonso Obijiofor Nwolisa's photo.

Fear the Lord and Honor the King,

14590421_10210459157622867_739236675125264752_nAgbogidi,Obi Of Onitsha,Long live The Highness,

UMU CHUKWU ,I love Onitsha ,Great Nation in Anambra State,Followed by Nnewi Nation,or KIngdoms,

Onitsha Ado N'idu's photo.Ofala festival is always great festival in Igboland,OFALA FESTIVAL 2013 OF HIS ROYAL MAJESTY NNAEMEKA ALFRED UGOCHUKWU ACHEBE. 14517652_10210459155182806_9184088449257259469_n


The Ofala festival is an occasion where the Natives/Indigenes of Anambra join together for dancing, singing, meeting old friends and making new ones. Ofala Festival is a unique colourful tradition that celebrates coronation anniversaries of the kings and commemorate important events in order to create life-giving stories, hope, and a sense of purpose.
The highlight of the festival is the king’s entrance in his royal regalia and decorated crown (okpu ododo), which is announced by traditional trumpeters. Earlier on, the red-cap chiefs (ndiichie) in their traditional attires arrive independently, each accompanied by their village music. They proceed to the king’s throne in order of seniority.14650155_10210459153222757_4626594109790052504_n

OFALA FESTIVAL: Celebration of a People’s Essence
For the people of Onitsha, the commercial nerve centre of Anambra State, a major unifying factor is the Ofala Festival which is celebrated in October of every year.
Ofala symbolises a period of re-emergence of Obi (Igwe), the traditional ruler, from an enforced isolation of community mourning. It also marks the beginning of a new year for the Onitsha people.maxresdefault
It is seen as a period of thanksgiving to God Almighty for bringing to an end the season of starvation and the beginning of harvest which translates to the period of plenty. It is a period the sons and daughters of the trading city come together to celebrate and pay homage to the Obi of Onitsha who is the traditional head of the town and the intermediary between the people and their ancestors. The Obi of Onitsha signifies the essence of the celebration as his emergence from a five-day seclusion before the Ofala indicates that all is well with the town and the people.14666305_10210459154342785_4312347434343881071_n

klammer markt 2016 in oldenburg,Igbo Masqurade apears,

oldenburg_1_6c74fefc-4930-49af-afb1-7f71fa5ea32dIgbo Union welfare Association Oldenburg Germany,with Igbo Masqurade,that was nice ,14559985_1425317607509377_4906378569005015598_o

In Oldenburg the fifth season has officially begun on Saturday afternoon. Around 100,000 visitors marveled at the parade with around 130 groups, which traditionally the State.Traditional Nwokedi said culture and tradition have the history to unite the world

oldenburg_1_4880b738-1bfe-48ea-891f-e250be46fa07Traditional Nwokedi said it is my duty to Africanize all African and European Children those born After me.Teaching them how to dress like their Fathers and mothers.Culture and Tradition is to me great University because I see love,peace unity,happiness and many more ,oldenburg_1_1ee9df94-dc9c-4645-bae5-028643ba4acfThis is Kurdistan ,it is Symbol of one Tribe in Kurdistan Irak,In Africa it is called Fula,Fulani,Fufude,Puro,Futajalo and futa toro,from the mountain of Ethiopia,can relatated to European and Tribes in Middle Easts and Asia,oldenburg_1_302bc2f1-1f95-4a10-ad7f-7cdf20df31d5I love Ibis ,Ibis is Integration,Ibis is International,bringing people from all over the world Together,The very first time I was in Oldenburg Germany,in 2012 I was in Ibis Inter Culture,and I am welcomed,from Ibis I learn to know other people,from Ibis I made a lot of Friends from all over the world,who have always been there for me,The Two beautiful Queen are from Iran,but they where born in Oldenburg,The Man is Irak,the Two Queen with Me the right side is from Germany,Oldenburg,the Left side,is Kurdistan,and many more,I am Igbo Hebrew,Biafran Priest,oldenburg_1_83c4c985-56cb-4774-853c-fde10554d16eCulture and Tradition have the power to make all of us happy,oldenburg_1_540cf0d0-691a-42c8-a019-f349ebaa4864Queen of Oldenburg,Igbo Prince of Oldenburg,Kurdistan Princess of Oldenburg,Iranian Prince of Oldenburg,Irak Prince of Oldenburg,and many Prince and Princess of Oldenburg,Culture and Tradition is unity,I love Ibis,and all the Prince and Princess in Ibis Oldenburg,oldenburg_1_69315953-5b1c-4c09-87ab-bb36a3d707afThis Cameroon Princess of Oldenburg,Bamileke Woman,Bamenda,Kumba,Basa,Bafusam,.Igbo peoples relatives,oldenburg_1_593a817e-c5ea-44e9-bf95-0426f873b4fdI love Oldenburg as I love my State Anambra State,everything is the same only language is differents,but multy culture is same,oldenburg_1_f8084edf-c246-4384-ba37-d719da574c6bIntegration E.v Oldenburg and OAU,Organization  African Unity,
oldenburg_1_f98aaece-4b9b-4fa7-8bc8-c0ed62f48bf2Cameroon and Nigeria is like one country what you find in the body of Nigerian woman is the same thing that you find in cameroon woman,what they have in hands is always the same,I love culture and tradition and I love Oldenburg,

Nigeria at 56: @ 56 Nigeria’s corporate existence is threatened – Chekwas Okorie

What to cheer
The only thing to cheer is the fact that Nigeria has managed to sur­vive for 56 years by the special grace of God. However, I venture to caution that Ni­geria’s corporate existence has never been so threatened as it is at this time.
What this time calls for are creative social engineering, po­litical sagacity, economic reju­venation and the restructuring of the polity to engender na­tional unity, cohesion, patrio­tism and even development.
Why dilapidated infrastruc­ture in the South East
There are number of reasons for the poor state of infrastruc­ture in the South East geo-political zone of Nigeria. The zone was the main theater of fratricidal
Biafra/Nigeria war that raged for about 30 months,from 1967 to 1970. The physical infra­structure that existed were to­tally destroyed by the rampag­ing Nigerian Army. At the end of the war in January, 1970, the victorious Nigerian govern­ment under General Yakubu Gowon announced a policy of No-Victor-No-Vanquished.
The government followed this up with the policy of Re­construction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation. The world commended the Gowon Ad­ministration for announcing policies that would facilitate the healing of wounds of the war. The government was ex­pected to enunciate some sort of Marshall Plan to expedi­tiously implement these poli­cies.
Unfortunately the attitude of the Gowon government and subsequent Nigerian govern­ments till this day, have proved conclusively that there was no real intention to rebuild the South East zone. It is disheart­ening that the South East still wears the looks of a war rav­aged area close to 50 years after the war.
Call for Biafra2016_10_01_15307
The utter alienation and ne­glect of the South East zone by subsequent Nigerian govern­ments cast serious doubt in the minds of the people, especially the younger generations who were not born before or dur­ing the war. They ask why they should continue to claim the citizenship of a country that treats them as aliens. Obnox­ious policies on admission to secondary and tertiary edu­cational institutions, lopsided political structure, revenue allocation that short changed the South East/South South and several other unaccept­able policies aimed at halting the development of the area combined to fire the embers of separatism.
It should be recalled that the first recorded public agi­tation by some lgbo youths to exit from Nigeria was in 1999, about 29 years after the end of the war. It is also to be noted that no Nigerian government has ever taken steps to engage the leadership of the agitators in any form of dialogue or sought peaceful resolution of their grievances.
Lack of political leadership in the South East
There is the Igbo saying that a rejected person does not also reject himself. The lamenta­tions of Ndigbo have gone on for too long without sympa­thetic ear from the quarters of the subsequent Nigerian gov­ernments. The problems that confront Ndigbo are political. The tragedy of the situation is that Ndigbo are indifferent to this all important democratic activity. At best Igbo politi­cal leaders eagerly wait for the crumbs that fall from the table of their political compatriots.
The clear absence of po­litical leadership and direction for Ndigbo is the bane of the people. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe and his Igbo compatriots of the blessed memory did their best during their era. Ndigbo
were well respected, admired and most times envied. Even the politics of the second Re­public barely 9 years after the war was not so bad for Ndigbo. Thanks to Dr Azikiwe’s staying power and political sagacity.
Some of us who are striv­ing to follow the foot steps our political founding fathers are largely misunderstood, ridi­culed and sometimes betrayed by some of the very people we sacrifice for. Maybe our people may begin to listen to the those crying in the wilderness now that President Buhari has for the second time, used inter­national platforms to advise Ndigbo to take advantage of the country’s multi-party de­mocracy to address their situ­ation politically.
Ndigbo and survival
Ndigbo have always sur­vived on self and communal efforts. With the right orien­tation and synergy, the South East geopolitical zone can be­come the main driver of Ni­geria’s development in spite of the hostile federal government disposition towards the area.



If you want to have a successful marriage, you should bear in mind the following considerations:

1) You must treat your spouse as an equal, at least. But it is actually better if you can treat your spouse as a little bit smarter and wiser and more honorable than you. Where there is a natural imbalance and you are favored by that imbalance, take steps to treat your spouse as if she were kind enough to marry you. What do I mean by this? In Nigeria, there is natural imbalance in marital relations. That imbalance favors the man. He is presumed to be the head of the family. He is presumed to be the master, the superior, the boss. And by nature, he is physically stronger and muscular. The woman, on the other hand, is presumed to be weak, dependent, soft and inferior. With such natural imbalance, it behoves the man to actively treat the woman as his superior in order to achieve balance and equality. So, a man should always make the woman feel that without her, he can’t function. Give her the sense of importance that is denied her by nature and customs.

2) You must recognize the rights of each other, knowing that the law intended for you to be equal. If you go out and come home late, you have to understand you are accountable to your wife as she would be if she were to go out and come home late.

3) Everything else in marital relationship stems from the sense of equality or inequality between the spouses. If you accept equality as given, most of those issues that arise in marriages will not arise. For instance, a man will think twice before cheating on his wife if he knows that such would justify his wife’s decision to cheat on him. A man will not abuse his wife if he knows she can divorce him and the property would be shared equally and both of them will share custody.

4) Once you get married, you must conduct your life as a married person. That means that there will be several things you will restrain yourself from doing. For instance, don’t have friends your spouse does not know. Don’t engage in business your spouse does not know about. Don’t belong to clubs and groups your spouse does not know about. In fact, don’t belong to social groups your wife cannot join if she wants to. Let your spouse be your best friend and your best confidant.

5) Above all, try to find ways to rekindle sexual feelings. Human beings hate monotony. We want to change things and try new things. We are tempted to have new sex partners, new society, new friends. And we hate boredom. You must have ways to avoid boredom setting in between you and your spouse. You must have ways to remain sexually attractive to your husband or wife. Why is this important? You must do everything not to lose sexual intimacy. This is one of the most difficult things I have seen in my experience as a lawyer involved in many divorce cases. Once sex appeal goes, everything else gradually goes too. Do everything to ensure that you do not lose that sex appeal. Try to retain that crush. Find ways to be desired by your spouse and find ways to desire him or her too.

6) To enhance the sex appeal, try somethings different. Travel to new places, discover new ways to enjoy sex. Make out time for two of you alone. Not even the children are allowed to interrupt such private time alone. There is one thing I know which increases the sex appeal of your spouse, particularly your wife. Allow her to attend conferences and to travel without you. The more you partner is allowed to be away from you, the more your libido increases. Indeed, it has been established that a man’s libido for his wife is highest after the wife has had the opportunity to have sex with other men. It is not that she actually has had sex with other men. But the fact that she had that opportunity increase the husband’s libido. For instance, let’s say you live in Lagos and your wife has being in Abuja for three days on a conference, you will have sex with her the night before she left and the night after she came back. On the other hand, if your wife has been in the house, you may go for a week without having sex with her. There is a feeling that she is always there and there is no competition. So, she can wait till tomorrow. But it is not so when she has had the opportunity to have sex with other men. Then you will be eager to establish your claim. You want to have sex with her before she boards that flight. So, if any man were to try, he would meet your sperms still in her. And equally, when she comes back, you want to rush to reclaim your territory. That is the evolutionary reality of humans. We don’t think about this. It happens unconsciously.

I once met a man and his wife and I could see so much love and closeness between them. They have been married for 18 years. The wife is extremely beautiful. I asked them: What is the secret of your love and your burning intimacy and closeness after 18 years of marriage. The man said to me: “If you love a bird, you have to set it free. I allow my wife freedom. I allow her to go to night clubs with her female friends without me”. I asked the woman and she said: “He doesn’t like to club as often as I do. So he let’s me go. In fact, he drop me at the club and I am done, I call him to come and pick me. And when he car comes, all my friends know it is time for Jackie to go”. (The couple in question are Lawrence Away and Jackie Awah, strong members of DPA). Lawrence is an academic. He reads and researches. He is introverted. His wife is outgoing and a socialite. They are the happiest couple I have ever seen in Nigeria.

7) For the same reason, the women who are employed are more sexually appealing to their husbands than those who are stay at home wives. At the end of the day, when your man starts telling you what happened at his place of work and all the new people he met, you must also be abel to have something to say apart from how the kitchen door malfunctioned and how the fridge developed problems. You have to tell him about fascinating new people you met. The more he hears that, the more he rushes to remind you that he is your husband through sexual intimacies.

I have been involved in many cases involving divorces. I know quite a lot about why marriages fail. And let me drop one more bomb before I end. It is not love that keeps marriages. It is rather the sense of compatibility and the huge cost of starting all over. In Nigeria, that cost is borne mostly by women. We want to find ways to make it even. Let us find ways to make very expensive for men to start all over. That way, they will stay with their wives, which means they would stop doing things that will force them to leave them. And I would suggest that we encourage divorce, not in order to have more divorces, but rather in other to make men avoid doing things that could cause their wives to leave them.