The Sun is Coming ,Anyanwu Eze Enu Igwe,


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King of the Kings Lord of the Lords Concering the Lion of the Tribe or the Judah,The Sun of the World,Rising from Holy land of the Biafra,Biafran Children will not understand how holy their land is,untill they see the world worshiping the Sun that is rising from their land,from begining to the end from pegan to Religion,Sun have been worshiping from all over the World,from Egypt to Alexandra,from Abbysia to Ethiopia,FRom Nubia to Moors,from BIafra to West and Central Africa,etc,to Origin of mankind,all is Sun ,SUn is live,life,The God is comming back,that is Abia ama,Chiukwu Great God,Abia ama,He is with us,and He is Coming Back Again and The Sun is here,Anyanwu Eze Enu,