The process of admitting new members to the prestigious Nze na Ozo society in Umuchi which began some months ago is getting to a climax today.
The ceremony known as ‘Nju-aro’ commenced today with a Catholic church mass at the venue of the event in Amudo Umuchi Ekwulobia at 10 am.
The head of Nze in the town and village Isi-Nze Goddy Ezeofor will be at the helm of the affairs where many important dignitaries from the town and beyond will attend.
Ekwulobia Urban-News promises to bring pictorial coverage of the ceremony.17021822_280118895757901_8521631517463443856_n
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The entire Ekwulobia Ozo title holders are thumbing up for Umuchi village for a successful hosting of the 2017 Nju-alo festival.
In the ceremony attended by who is who in the town including Igwe Emma Onyeneke,Chief(Dr)J.J Ezeokafor,and many other notable citizens of the town,many have described this years edition in Umuchi as the best so far in the town.
In a similar Nju-alo hosted by Ula village about a month ago,only one live cow was given to the members of Nze Ekwulobia to share but in Umuchi last Thursday, about four live cows were presented to the Nze Ekwulobia.16938886_280118879091236_3413427092367292666_n
Ekwulobia Urban-News learnt that among the four cows,the MD of the Ekwulobia Urban Mass Transport Company, Chief Innocent Ezeokafor, Ichie Paul Amaonye, and Chief Richard Nnadi each donated a cow.
The traditional ruler of Ekwulobia, Igwe Emma Onyeneke was given the sum of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) by the Ekwulobia Urban Mass director as a transport money having reportedly came on a chartered vehicle.
Among notable people initiated into the Ozo title society were Nze Christopher Okolocha,Nze Matata Okoye and many others.Like and share,

Restoring Igbo Culture and Tradition.

Chukwuebube Gozie Nzekwu wrote

My hometown Umuoji in Idemili North LGA Anambra cultural event Uzoiyi is scheduled to hold once again on 26th of March. 16939316_1453561891344656_5233780730022426975_nIt is an annual event which showcases our ancestral heritage of old. 16830705_125543241298823_9088228148045121967_nMany issues bothering on our tradition is being closely pursued by vibrant youths that needs to be empowered to help uncover many things about our culture. Udummiri Nwakalu is doing a remarkable feat in this aspect.16729178_125541861298961_6084752494785978192_n In Biafra land we have 4 market days ; Orie, Afo,Nkwo,Eke. Umuoji and some neighbouring villages observes Nkwo & Eke market days. Each of these days has particular observances attached to it.17021692_1453561911344654_6853897686436825804_n In my village, women do not engage in quarrel or fight on Eke market day. All must coexist mutually in love and understanding. Am inviting everyone to this event coz its about time we really study deeper on our ROOTS! Chukwu gozie anyi nile. Ututu Oma. C.G.N.15002263_1481049965269474_2152485339976750876_o

IPOB: Nigerian Soldiers are killing the Biafrans,

IPOB: TEARS AS A HERO LATE MASTER KINGSLEY MATHEW ESSIEN WAS LAID TO REST 16938980_1231804453605712_4404648712820661981_n

By Mazi Nwabueze Hope Ikenna
Reporting for Rivers Media Team17022156_1231804506939040_4021530049767098960_n

Mazi Mathew Essien is an indigene of IKOT NYOHO VILLAGE UKPOM IN IKONO L.G.A AKWA IBOM BIAFRA LAND . Late Kingsley Essien was killed on 20th of January 2017 unjustly by the Islamic Republic of Nigeria Military operatives.17103384_1231804460272378_2870304652172700821_n

He is just 17 years old with full blood. But he was killed because he stood for justice.

why the injustice and the world are keeping mute?16864656_1231804463605711_5639525518176747180_n

Family Writers and order media correspondents were present to cover the event.17098151_1231804436939047_8753399317113495100_n

The cry of Biafrans must be heard. enough of the killing of the indigenous people of Biafra .

We Should Come Together To Free KANU And Restore Biafra – Asari Dokubo

The former Niger Delta militant warlord Asari Dokubo, sends strong message to Biafrans.

Hear him, “time will come and everyone should come together to make sure Kanu is freed andasari_dokunbo_795340059 Biafra is restored. asari-dokuboKanu did not commit any crime by calling for self-determination and he should be freed. It is never a crime to call for self-determination, thus, he should be freed. We Biafrans have to put away our differences and make sure he comes out.asari-dokubo-087

When I was in detention, Igbo came together to bring me out. Nnamdi has done tremendously well and has shown resoluteness in the Biafra struggle. Our goal is our independence and the good of our people.

IPOB should extend their campaign to every region in Biafraland and not just Igboland. The Biafra gospel should be preached everywhere and people should be told why they should fearlessly join in this movementimage20161111081334

“It is our collective responsibilities that will make Biafra restoration a success. “The Biafra struggle is for everyone and no one can do it all alone, thus, everyone should do away with differences and come together to make sure Kanu is freed and Biafra is restored.

Leadership should not be our interest now; everyone should focus on our goal, which is the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. “Any Biafran who wants to deny the fact that Kanu catalysed this quest for Biafra independence is lying to himself; it is an obvious truth that Kanu didkanu-ipob

“This is not time to nurse grudges against one another so that our enemies will not take advantage of it and then use it against us.Like and Share and Support Biafran Struggle,

All men are born equal Nnamdi Kanu’s name signifies freedom.

All men are born equal Nnamdi Kanu’s name signifies freedom.16998992_1229737243761549_4543709413274035428_n

The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has been declared legally, the information on ground now is that the judge holding the Case of our leader Nnamdi Kanu has made it clear to Nigeria and the entire world that IPOB is legal and all the charges leveled against them and the leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu is allegations.

accusations lack merit, that IPOB worldwide have every right to fight to agitation of Biafra sovereignty. BIAFRAN have right to be different,they should leave us to live on our own Discretion not under someone haunting Dictation.they should let us go because Contraption called Nigeria is over due to brake.let us end this bound so that people will have fresh air and let the romance end.16939554_419526018385695_5245141036300794854_n

The bail has been granted, yes, but is not yet over until is over…. To you all the unshakable, unstoppable, indestructible, stainless, implacable fearless and unmovable IPOB members I urge you all to remain resolute and strong because the hour has come when we must be vigilante while others are sleeping…..shouting for hurray is not the right thing to do, this is the time..

Yahwins Young wrote:Biafrain Spiritual Leader.

If Buhari is out of power today! Dead or incapacitated. Thousands of people will rejoice and praise Elohim. Because he has committed a horrible crime against humanity and the blood of the innocents is crying bitterly in the land. this is the appointed time for him to go.. Is a pity that only few people will mourn him as for me master prophet I will not shed tears for a wicked man who have defiled the order of nature. 6 count charges has been dropped against the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi KanuRbl. He will regain his freedom and the charges against him & others will be dropped. The dignity of the Biafran people must be restored. If there be leader in Nigeria that refuse to respect the will of Biafrans he will be incapacitated or over thrown. Until such a time when a leader that will respect the Biafran people will emerge. I have spoken and so shall it be. Shalom.

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Is Nigerian leaders against the development of Nigeria?

Since yesterday the Nigerian  forces are arresting Biafrans selling Biafra items in Ariaria Main Market Aba16999235_1911287092438880_6155255679453313831_n

That Should Stop,How can Nigeria survive if those children were not giving any chances to make a change?17021377_1911287059105550_3211381639030436713_n.jpgWe have been wearing Italian Shoes,American Shoes,British Shoes,etc,There is also Biafran Shoes,Nigerian Government are enemy of progress if they are arresting the Indeginous people who can show what they can contribute to develope the Country,We have Nigerians who can refine oils,sea oil,palm oil,tree oil,etc,but Nigerian Government is against them,17021476_1911287139105542_346599333883743155_n

This are Shoes Made in Aba,Abia State,The Sun Shines from the East,Aba is in East,16999114_1911286989105557_7484520626114193812_nand this Talented Indeginous people figured it all out,how to say say yes we can do it,we have something to show,Biafrans will develope Nigeria,watch out those people calling themselves Biafra,IPOB,Igbos,Hebrews,Jews,Traditionals,Christians,etc,