Aguluzigbo, a town in Nigeria with a rich history and culture.

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Aguluzigbo is a Town in Anaocha Local Government of Anambra State , Nigeria . It comprises six villages: Iruowelle, Etuleze, Ihulu, Ufa , Ifite and Nduana . It is bordered by towns such as Agulu , Ora-eri , Akwaeze , Igbo-ukwu , Nanka, Obeledu and Umuona . There are
various pointers to the origin of the name. One version has it that the name “Aguluzigbo” is a shortened way of saying “Agulu, nke di na uzo e si eje Igbo-ukwu” which translated in English would mean “The Agulu which is along the route to Igbo- ukwu”.
Apparently, the descriptio serves to distinguish it from its neighbouring town which also goes by the name “Agulu”.
The town has a modern post office, Hospital and health center. It has several Primary schools amongst which are: Igweamaka primary school, Udokamma primary school, Ebenesi primary school and Community primary school. Its Secondary school…

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