Christianity against African Culture and Tradition.

Traditional Nwokedi showed a little bit anger on how the foreign religion have been fighting humanity in BIafraland,Cuting our hairs before we grows up is descrimination against Mankind,converting us to Christians when we are still young is more danger than terror,Biafra is a Nation,Igbo is also a Nation,Bantu is a Nation,when a first Son grows large in everything,15241932_1500408950000242_2082676244037681714_nHe and Family will became a nation,Igbos,Biafra,Bantu is same,and relatives,In those nations we have kingdoms,Christianity is a KIngdom too,so why are you forcing us into your kingdom,while we have kingdom of our own?and Nation that needs to be modernized,it is like people are fighting us and making us not to see who is doing that,but they are with us,Changing our names while we have a name that we must bear,making us to feel sorry for our selves while we have many things to enjoy,making us to be blind to see that the Sun of the World Rises from us,We are the one,The lion you see in the symbol is us,our natural hairs shows whos finger on the wall,15178266_1500417963332674_6776086055881238390_nso you wicked and greedy Christians leave us alone,or WE GARTHER ALL THE LIONS IN THE WORLD TO DEFEND OURSELVES.WE ARE BIAFRANS.Traditional Nwokedi said they cut our hairs before we grows up,and force us to remained in the churches with kinds of fears,that when we dies we go to heaven or hell fire,they wearing always lion clothes, they cuts our heairs which shows that those lions keeps reincanating,millions of us was born with this LIon hairs,but Churches keep killing the lions,Igbos keep wearing LIon Clothes and the Red cap of the blood of the LIon of the Jiuda,15171225_1491824767525327_3778565010810087166_nand those lions keep reincanating showing that there is life after death,there is no heaven or hell,we reincanates,Churches keeps deceiving.people are keep living in fear,Free your self,and learn from your culture and tradition,the Ancient ways,Ancient life roads,Truth and honesty life,all Gods to drive you,dont drive anything,Jah is my Driver,Truth is my life,Chiukwu Okike Abiama is still the same,15078622_1491824764191994_4412235563604118286_nUdo diri Unu,Shabbat Shalom.Traditional Nwokedi calling everybody in the World to support Biafra,you will never say that you dont know Biafran Children,you will not say they have never been to your country,they lives there,you will not say that you dont know about the Biafrans,and you will not have any reason not support Biafra,you your self are Biafra,

If you give your lover a Flower must read,

I prefer to give a Woman Ogirishi ,Ogilisi tree to plant in your Home than to give them Flower,How many time will i give you flower after it dies,as the love brakes away always,?
Traditional Nwokedi challenges,saying love brakes away because the flower you give love died in a week,so the love begin to die later.
Traditional Nwokedi said that If you married a Woman from Nanka ,She will come to your house with Ogilisi tree and plant it there,and If you realy love Her she must have control of your Place,,15094846_1496507433723727_5625790824715744825_n
Traditional Nwokedi said that I prefer to give you Oha Tree,Ogilisi tree,Mango Tree,Avacado Tree,Goava Tree,etc to plant in your House of in my House,so as they grows in seasons bears fruits so the love will grows in season and bears fruits,do not think that I did not love you,because I have never gives you flower,but I have another ways of thinking memory,thank and share if you support.


Biafrans have made history,Ofe Nsala Day,in Biafra land,

18th of November is  called Ofensara Day,this is one of the great history and We have many 23621956_1734183023282931_5564337567442797316_nfotos of Ofe Nsala Historical day, Everywhere in Biafra Land is Celebration of Nsara Soup,19748923_136960540404932_3345373871796210924_nAn Igbo Man Eating Nsara Soup with Beer ,it is called Ofe Nsara Day,I wish I was there,lol23561353_1550168605067457_622410104255161290_nIn every corner on 18th of November in Biafra Land is Eating and drinking ,but it is called Nsara Day,23754851_1734184999949400_4522774454359857333_nNo Election everywhere,It is a day that IPOB are showing to the World that they Owned the Land,and they control the land not by gun,23659589_1389958617769654_902061440974690855_nbut respect truth and honesty,Aba youths turn their streets into playgrounds in honor to “No Election day” aka “Ofe Nsala day” in Anambra.23561593_1600831756646463_9221968008719421513_nWishing u all happy Ofensala… Oya join Biafrans to boycott every elections…23561691_1637037806352899_588013001470421170_nOfe Nsala girl celebrates Ofe Nsala in grand style.Ofe nsala eyego
The soup is done.23658494_361370674302930_4068896032893034716_n
Am enjoying ofe nsala sit at home with my fellow comrades here..
Nothing like election out side 23621316_1550168701734114_632654233457943070_n
Enjoyment continues all thanks to you sister for this wonderful ofe nsala.Ofe Nsala Day 18th November ‘17 is fast approaching.. 23561729_2035989913301930_2622652999142534702_nplease send in pictures videos of your Soup of the Day with hashtag #YourTown #OfeNasala 23658822_1556982187724713_4108384089867158946_n,Enjoying my ofe nsala, ,,can’t afford to miss this,,,,,,,,Thanks You Nnamdi Kanu,IPOB members eating their ofe nsala.23754719_361370600969604_7028438368867352005_n And with no care in the world about the election.Bring ur plate come ooooo our sister Rose Mary Ogechukwu Okagbue Ada di oramma si anyi ribe ofensala onye na abiarooo mere onwe ya.23561453_522278408136639_4948623802460331204_n We are winning the and share ,this is great history day in Biafra land and Africa and the World,23621161_1611356198945648_1383559564393833850_nthis is amazing,everyone if at home eating Ofe Nsala.some voters decided to vote for Ofe Nsala ,23561819_1297973490308764_2749623466408847752_nthis is amazing,like and share,follow our Page,like and share,

Traditional Biafrans on it,Sit at home before Amadioha Amagbuo Gi,

If election hold in Anambra state today know that we are not umuchineke ndi ogomuo. 23621624_2035966836637571_5332916710048287500_nOur ancestors will fight the battle for us any person who comes to vote must die just sit at home.23621334_2035966803304241_821651850934969446_n I swear if election hold today i will drink acid if election hold today i will never ever worship chiukwuabiama i swear. 23621456_2035966946637560_1640692175452871804_nBiafrans never give up we have wake the spirit of our ancestors ndi gboo ndi ogomuo we are doing everything humanly possible.23244095_838765399618256_8662863342546235670_n Biafra is our last hope. Vote and die if you doubt come out ka ndi muo fee gi aju.23517462_1665835436802500_4930818835517376904_n Oga adiri anyi na mma obiara egbu anyi ga egbu onwe ya Biafra must stand iseee iseeee iseeeeee.BIAFRA IS SPIRIT, 23659254_1420041228095155_9216615116136657031_n (1)EVERY WHERE IS COMPLETELY SHUTDOWN , BECAUSE POWER BELONGS TO BIAFRANS AND NOT POLITICIANS, 23559400_1326903060753384_2835399913658797153_nHERE IS NKPOR JUNCTION , NEW PARTS MARKET 23621603_377624109357841_884862465159348394_n, BIAFRANS SAID THAT THEY WILL SIT AT HOME AND ENJOY THEIR OFENSALADAY.. #OFENSALADAY

Breaking News!Biafran Sit at home, 18 of November,

The young Biafran Leaders said that They need refrendum to continue their Future,23244095_838765399618256_8662863342546235670_nBreaking News! Breaking News!! Breaking News!!! Situation Report!
Despite The Order Given By the State /police Command In Aba, Biafrans Are Not Still Relenting, Aba Roads And Markets Are In Total Shot Down, In Solidarity to IPOB Election Boycott And Biafra Referendum , 23559762_377624056024513_558483398293662308_n.From Obigbo To Aba Right Now In n By IPOB, This is the area I Can be Able to Reach…23622174_506013576441628_5294912099575375185_nas you can see it ,everywhere is like there is no body is living there,here is Aba,

Family writers Press Election day situation report.
BREAKING NEWS!23622390_148341942469227_8998002838257581720_n

The entire material of Adazi-Ani ward 1 have been diverted to the house of GUO motors.

They moved from GUO’s house to a certain Nelson Enendu’s house in the same Adazi-Ani when the villagers raised alarm against the criminal activity.

They are still there thumb printing.23659314_148341952469226_8803447356280740918_n

Family writers Press Correspondent reporting.23561487_377624122691173_9086975605050690280_neverywhere is empty,meaning there is no vote in Anambra,23658339_377624076024511_8106311644148135516_nMarkets closed up,everywhere in Igbo Land.23621603_377624109357841_884862465159348394_ntell us more about Anambra Election