Black Panther have opened the eyes of African Christians ,Igbo Christians,

This mask here is the Mgbedike  Mgbadike,mask designed around 1900 AD by the great wood carver/ironsmith- Maazi Iweze of Ogbunike. Nanka,etc,Anambra State,

The mask was predominantly used in Onitsha and several other Igbo geocultural group and society as a a finishing /face mask dressing for the dreary masquerade called Mgbadike Masquerade.28167440_924975697653273_1280674633309712618_n

When the Europeans came they told us that this mask us devilish and it’s connote fetishism, paganism and idolatory. Our Igbo ancestors burnt several Mgbedike masks and people who were supposedly custodians of our culture rescinded anything that attached them to the mask.images (7)

Several years later, Marvel’s white executives, in collaboration with a black director has made a superhero movie and Mgbedike has made a comeback but this time to the big screen and Hollywood. There were Deeper life members, Jehovah witnesses, Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglicans and several other Christian denomination members that 16864103_1497341416944765_6289910841964940972_ntrooped to movie theaters to view this movie, even pastors and priests, prophets and rabbis alike. Funny enough they all enjoyed the movie, and screamed, BLACK PANTHER is the BEST!

But ordinarily if they go to their villages and see masquerades decked in this mask, they will scream, BLOOD OF JESUS!28276931_2472785979614275_1366801039249924899_n

Well I don’t blame them. Paraphrasing shuri in Black panther, “It’s the fault of the bloody colonizers”.