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Rev.Chibuike Ezeokeke,the self acclaimed pastor of the Holy Junction Prayer Ministry Okpo Ekwulobia who is now on the death row cell of the Enugu medium prison has cried out,asking for God’s divine intervention in his ordeal.
Pastor Ezeokeke was found guilty of murder and condemned to death by hanging by the Court 1of the Anambra State High,Ekwulobia presided over by His Lordship, Justice P.Obiora on June 21 last year for killing his cousin, Mr Emmanuel Ezeokeke.
As it is today,Pastor Chibuike is only waiting for the hangman’s appointment, having lost 90 days of appeal grace on September 2017.
The Ekwulobia UrbanNews,learnt that the pastor’s travails began on May 6,2009 when he stabbed late Emmanuel,son of his sister,Rita Okonkwor, new Ezeokeke during a fight over the family’s land.33186818_1540105809451133_5396304211862355968_n
The family’s patriarch, late Mr Ezeokeke Ezeume of Umuezenani kindred OKPO Ekwulobia had decided to remarry his first daughter, Abigail after the woman has given birth to Pastor Chibuike and his only sibling Rita during the Nigerian/Biafran war..The reason being that he,Ezeokeke Ezeume had only one male child named Louis and two females,Abigail and the sister.
Rita,who is Chibuike’s only sister equally got pregnant in his father’s house and gave birth to Emmanuel in 1980.
Since the death of Ezeokeke Ezeume,the head of the family in 1986,it has been a family of commotion,the bone of contention being the family’s property.
Pastor Chibuike had built on a land the late Emmanuel and her mother Rita who has since married to an Umuchi man,Marcel Okonkwor believed was their share of the family’s lands,but the pastor was disproving that asking his sister and his son to meet the first son of their father,Louis,whom the pastor accused of selling the very land apportioned to Emmanuel.
Before the gruesome murder of Emmanuel on May 6,2009,this issue has been a recurring decimal in the chequered history of the family’s feud.
Pastor Chibuike after stabbing Emmanuel to death,absconded with his family of six to an unknown destination resulting in the police putting a tag on him and declaring him wanted.
Nobody knew his where about until November 2010,sixteen months after killing his cousin when he was sighted in a town called Akpugoeze in Enugu state.Akpugoeze shares border with Awa town and not too far from Ufuma in Orumba North local government area of Anambra.
Someone who knew him while he was doing commercial bike business had alerted the neighborhood and told them about the pastor’s case in Ekwulobia.And that was how he was almost lynched at the scene of his capture before the arrival of detectives of the homicide division of the Aguata Divisional Police headquarters Ekwulobia.One account said that Pastor Chibuike was caught while organizing a church crusade in Akpugoeze.
Since his arrest,Pastor Chibuike’s case followed diligent prosecution in the the State High Court 1 Ekwulobia with his defence counsel, one Barrister Ike from Agba village throwing all legal punches to save him.
On June 21,2017,the presiding judge found Pastor Chibuike guilty as charged and sentenced him to death by hanging without option of fine.
PastorPastor Chibuike had 90 days grace to appeal against the judgement, starting from the date it was delivered, but he never did.
He is now from the death row inmate cell of the Enugu medium prison hoping for a divine intervention to escape from the hangman’s appointment.
Ekwulobia UrbanNews exclusively learnt that Pastor Chibuike has equally began evangelical works among his fellow condemned inmates of the prison with a view to turning a new leaf and be part of any prerogative of mercy measures anytime by the Anambra state governor, Sir Willie Obiano.Ekwulobia Urban-News

Ekwueme Square Declaration 2018

Ndigbo ask for Better Nigeria with Ekwueme Square Declaration
By James Eze (eziokwubundu”

The Igbo ethnic nationality of Nigeria rose from their Summit on the Restructuring of Nigeria in Awka the capital of Anambra State on Monday with a Ten-point wish list seeking for a balanced federation that would meet their needs and the needs of other ethnic groups in Nigeria.00301621_967c7f28872b1c3f561bc32c590b9934_w1200.png

The Igbo position on restructuring which has been re-christened as ‘The Ekwueme Square Declaration;’ is a tightly knitted ten-point demand for a better Nigeria which opens with a demand for a Constitutional Conference backed by a law from the National Assembly that would provide a unanimously accepted platform where the diverse people of Nigeria would hammer out a new constitution that would be known as “The People’s Constitution.”33400749_1513257832117432_2741875463562461184_n
Delivering the Declaration at the hugely successful ceremony, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof Chukwuma Soludo who is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee stated that the second item on the Igbo demand seeks a slight amendment to the current system of government as it recommends the retention of the presidential system only at the federal level, leaving the regions or states to choose the type of government that is best for them. But perhaps the most audacious demand under this point is that the tenure of the office of the President should be a single term of six years with five Vice-Presidents representing each of the geopolitical zones except the zone that produced the President. The demand prescribes the same tenure for Governors and Deputy Governors which would be rotated among the senatorial districts.33245653_1513257608784121_5243393501994942464_n

The third demand asks for six geopolitical zones forming the federating units or six regions of the country. There will therefore be six regional governments, each comprising the current states within each zone and any other state that may be created within the zone from time to time. Each Region will have its own Constitution, for the good governance, peace and development of the region. Such Regional Constitutions have to clearly delineate levels of authority between the regional government and the component states (that is, defining powers that are exclusive to the Region and powers that are residual to the states). The Regional Constitutions will not be inconsistent with the Constitution of the federation, and will be invalidated to the extent of its inconsistency with the federal constitution. It seeks a review of the current revenue sharing formula based on local governments to a new structure based on regions. Consequent upon this, the Ekwueme Declaration therefore demands for an additional state for the South East Zone in line with the 2014 National Conference which states that in the spirit of reconciliation, equity, fair play and justice, a new state should be created in the South East.33023386_1513257505450798_3923774090313203712_n

The forth demand is for equality of all the regions or states that become the federating units while the fifth insists on the scrapping of the concept of State of Origin from the constitution to be replaced by the State of Residence. Expounding this concept The Ekwueme Square Declaration recommends that ‘any child born of Nigerian parents anywhere in Nigeria should acquire the indigeneship (residency) rights of the area at birth. It also recommended that any Nigerian citizen who has resided in any part of Nigeria and paid taxes there for a period of ten years can acquire the indigeneship (residency) rights of the area, except the right to their traditional stool.33072717_1513258048784077_4023074314017308672_n
The sixth demand makes a solid case for a two or three-tier police structure with defined responsibilities that would be controlled by the federal and state or regional governments respectively while the seventh seeks the abrogation of section 162 of the 1999 Constitution which vests control of resources in the federal government. It recommends a truly federal system that gives control of resources to the federal units, vesting ownership rights, control and exploitation of resources in the states. It also argues that the federating units should keep 50% of rents, royalties and profit taxes on minerals from their lands while paying 20% to the regional government and 30% to the federal government.33089759_1513257685450780_899404596034666496_n

Demand number eight makes a strong case for the replacement of the Federal Character Commission with Merit and Equal Opportunities Commission to ensure that merit is entrenched in the conduct of national and regional affairs, prescribing that 60% should be reserved for merit and 40% for affirmative action.29356163_1781069398616932_1476905542172540928_n

The ninth item demands that elections into the office of the President and federal legislature should be conducted by the electoral body of the Federal Government while elections into regional/state offices should be conducted by electoral bodies set up by the regional/state Constitutions or laws.Download

And finally, the tenth declaration seeks the latitude for federating units to have their own judicial systems with courts of first instance, appellate courts and Supreme courts to adjudicate on matters that are in the concurrent and residual lists as well as matters exclusively preserved for the federating units.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano had recounted that for 58 years, Ndigbo had worked tirelessly with other Nigerians to lay a foundation for a better federation and a more perfect union.33245653_1513257608784121_5243393501994942464_n

“We have made the most sacrifices and more often than not, we have also paid the supreme price for the unity of this country. But we have made these sacrifices in the belief that in the contemporary history of mankind, the road to nationhood is often paved with the blood of patriots. Indeed, Ndigbo have paid the price for Nigeria’s greatness. We paid in blood. We paid in FULL!” he declared.

Then, rallying Ndigbo to rise to the occasion, Governor Obiano observed that “the future summons us to a brighter dawn! And we must walk in the shadows of our fathers. Yes, our fathers played a major role in Nigeria’s long road to independence. And today, we have gathered to dream a balanced federation into existence for Nigeria and Nigerians.”

Noting that every nation on earth is work in progress, Governor Obiano observed that “citizens of both advanced and developing countries continue to ask their countries hard questions that will lead them to a better federation, a better nation and a better society. And Nigeria cannot be an exception to this rule. So, we must ask Nigeria hard questions too!”32535011_10156342651413545_4209845167361884160_n

Governor Obiano further observed that following in the footsteps of their forebears who invested their youthful hopes and intellectual power in Nigeria, the younger generation of Ndigbo have ‘invested our wealth, our enterprise and our emotion in remaking Nigeria. Indeed, no other ethnic group has as much emotional investment in the Nigerian project as Ndigbo. And now, we have been called upon to re-imagine Nigeria. We welcome this challenge with both hands.”

Articulating the wishes and aspirations of Ndigbo, Obiano declared that “as governor of Anambra State, I was born and raised in Nigeria and I have lived in Nigeria for the better part of my life. I have lived the Nigerian Dream and experienced the horrors of Nigeria’s many Heartbreaks. I know what my people want from Nigeria and the question we must ask of Nigeria. We must ask what every forward looking people want from any socio-political arrangement… life, liberty and a chance to raise happy families. We must ask for a just, fair and equitable federation where every citizen is guaranteed the freedom to be the best they can be and to aspire to the highest position in the land regardless of their tribe, culture or religion. And this is what Nigeria in its present structure, has not given to us!”33245653_1513257608784121_5243393501994942464_n

Also speaking, the 91-year old leader of the Ijaw ethnic nationality, Chief Edwin Clark observed that Ndigbo had been treated very unkindly by the federal government and wondered why Igbo youths who bore no arms and hurt nobody had to be branded as terrorists.

Chief Clark also blamed the federal government for not giving Ndigbo an additional state as recommended in the 2014 Constitutional Conference and insisted that such denials and deprivations were behind the spate of separatist agitations from the region.

The event also featured moving speeches from the leader of Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, leader of the Middle Belt, Dan Sulaiman, Chairman of the occasion Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain, Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu among many others. drop your comments,like and share,

Ide Mmiri,Mother of all water in Amsterdam.Igbo and Suriname,

Walking is healthy, sitting down makes you around, is the battle cry of the Bijlmer walking group. Today these baby boomers walked to Mama Aisa, the big picture of the Surinamese mother Earth that made Chaim Oren in 1986. It is located on an island in Cola Creek, a pond named after the Cola Creek in Suriname.Download (12)

Ma Aisa goes around: she is the universal goddess in the winti culture. According to Talita there is a really small statue in the picture, the baby of Ma Aisa. The bulbs on her dress and in the grass represent the constellations Big and Little Bear, the connection between heaven and earth.Download (11)
This image plays a central role in Vluchtwegen (2006) by Michiel van Kempen. That book is about the origin of the multicultural society in the Bijlmermeer, between the mid-sixties and the Bijlmer disaster. The image symbolizes the fraternization of the different nationalities.
On 4 October 1992 a Boeing crashed on the Groeneveen and Kruitberg flats. Near this spot is this image of Chaim Ears; in the novel he is called Aaron Lobel.

ExhibitionDownload (10)
Chaim Oren hopes to celebrate his 70th birthday in February 2018 with a solo exhibition in Arti Et Amicitiae. Some of the costs he needs to receive through crowd funding. (Transfer € 5 or a multiple of that to giro NL40 INGB 0658518720 to mhkeja to support this AND to take a chance on the painting that is raffled among the sponsors.)

Mr Nwokedi said Igbo people and Surinames People have same or similar Culture and Tradition,Mama Asia is also Mama Africa,Her Name in Igbo Language,is Ide Mmiri,Ohimiri,Nne Mmiri,Eze Nwanyi,

I can say that Ma Asia came from Igbo Land of the rising Sun,because the Surinames knows that they Bring the Sun with them,and Igbo Land is the land of the rising Sun,where Mother of all water Ide Mmiri lived with Nne Chukwu,,We the Igbo Descendant wanted to reconnect with Our Relatives,and it is only culture and tradition that is telling us the stories very good,the way we understand it most,Surinames and Igbos Culture are 97% same,

what can be done is that Igbo people and Suriname people and other Africans should learn how to come together by inter relationship,marrying one another will help to heal the wounds of the past,I know from the begining it will be hard,but We dont have any choice than to do it that way,Surinames were taken from Eastern Nigeria,and their Culture and Tradition,is culture and tradition of the East ,the land of the rising Sun,

I am not living in Holland,I live in Germany,but I got this call that My people are here in Holland,and the spirits of my Forefathers and Mothers are here too with them,in My Free time I normally visit Amsterdam because of Suriname People and African people in Amsterdam and how peace it is in Amsterdam,and all the people from all over the World living together with peace and love ,

Amsterdam I love you,Indians,Turkeys,Asians,Africans,Americans,Europeans,etc,living together ,I respect you all,I am always feel like home each time I am in Your Amsterdam,blessed love land of Amsterdam,