Myth: Creation Story of The Igbo People

Liberty Writers Africa

For a very long time, the heavens were peaceful and glorious as all the Gods and Goddesses lived together in one part of heaven. However, each was individualistic, and therefore very independent. This then became the cause of a big problem in the heavens as jealousy and greed came upon the attitudes of the Gods and Goddesses.

And so the Gods and Goddesses began to want all of the powers of the other Gods/Goddesses, as it then became a question of who had more authority. The Gods became greedy. Things got worse and worse. Finally, it got so bad that the affairs of the universe began to suffer and became a threat to CHINEKE’s existence. CHINEKE, who was the benevolent creator of the universe, began thinking of how to solve the problem, and so came up with a Master Plan. Heaven was divided into equal parts, and each God and…

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