Traditional Nwokedi Dada Nwa Ududenka,the artist.

Traditional Nwokedi said that enough is enough.If you are Igbo Biafra you are free to stay here.If you are Traditionalists you are allowed to be here.if you are a Rastafarian you are welcome.if you are Jews you are Welcome.If you are Christians you are welcome.but if you are Igbo Christian please delete yourself from and I have different opinions so please delete yourself here I don’t know who you are.and I will never know who you are. The highest fools we have amongst us is so called igbo Christians.their brains thinking like this baby.they have destroying our cultural heritage and tradition and history just like this baby is on the pan and eating from the can He or she said that they are Igbo.and Christian?you are destroying your origin and building the origin of not yours.go to Roman and tell them that you are a Christian they will treat you like black monkey.go to England where they give you Anglican.their Authority will put you in a refugee camps.and change your name and minds to become a refugee and there you will suffer and suffer until you married British Man or woman then you will grow up.delete yourself from my page and go your way if you are Igbo Christian It is not easy to free our minds.Igbo Elders in 1800 are brainwashed to abandon their culture and tradition and take white Jesus as their personal lord and savior.they believe in that white idols and becomes blind.non of them have ever seen this white Jesus.and they died and left their children inside the their children are highest one posted what is real on their facebook.if you like watch the walls of those who calls themselves a Christian.all kinds of fake news like fake white Jesus idols.and white Mary Idols.non of them is telling the Igbo history or Biafra history.all is. Bible and fake photos.I hate it.and I don’t want to see negative post on my wall.I don’t want to discuss with you and go out of my friends.because I am not your Christian and I will never be.if you are here you are my enemy.I don’t need your friendship on facebook because I am busy with what I have to do ; If you are Igbo or Biafra but you are a Christian.please delete yourself from my friend list.Because I am not a Christian and I don’t believe in your white Jesus.I am a servant of Chiukwu Okike Abiama.I am here for culture and tradition and history.and delete yourself from Igbo forum and join your Christian forum.I don’t want to keep you here.I will like to have European Christians here American Christians but Igbo or Biafra Christian you are a fool.just delete yourself from me and follow your Christian families.simple.If I see you posting your white Jesus on my wall again me and you will get crashes

The Christians have more fears than any OTHER human being on earth.

The Christians have more fears than any human being on earth.this people believes that they want to go to heaven.but they are afraid of death.they call themselves holy people.but they are always fear of death.they carry bible up and down reading from genesis to revelation but they are afraid because they are not doing what is in the bible.they knows that truth is life but they lied.they cheat.they fake.they do all.still they are afraid of the heaven.If I am a Christian I will not be afraid of death because I am sure of heaven.but I am not.I am a Traditional Nwokedi.I reincarnated again and again and again and again and again and heaven for me.I am not even afraid of death because my 7and 8 generation I already know Isuofia is my Town.Anambra is my home.I will like you Christians to stop being Afraid of heaven because it is your prayer to go to heaven so you must go to heaven and stop being afraid to die 

Igbo Christians must read this so that they will be free in spirits

Igbo Christians must read this so that they will be free in spirits,because as of now they are working for devil without knowing it,many igbo people have killed their fathers,mothers,sisters,brothers,etc,because their pastors said that they are the problems behind their progress,or suffering,and their minds have been reduce to half zero that they can not recorgnize anything again,only what their pastors said that they should do is what they will be doing,
The spirits of My Forefathers have send me to go to spiritual battle to set you guys free in your minds,your minds are not free,and I will tell you,and as you as reading this text,you are free from inner mind,and no pastors will hold you captive again,unless you are ok with that,then you will have no power again because the whole world will knows who you are,and what you are doing,and who is sending you,The truth,facts and figures,is here,your Pastors are using native magic,native power,blood power,occultic power,all kinds of charm,and it is affecting you,it should have not have power over you,but you are living with fear,and you surrendered to them,you denied yourself your contact from who you are and originated from,if you knows who you are ,no body is going to tell you what to do,who owns the English and Mba names that you bears,?the very first day you change your name to any name else that you dont know the origin,is the very first day your mind have taken away from you,in spiritual realm you are no body,any body who takes you captive in spirit can easly use you as slave in person,you go to Catholic and took a name ,lol,you go to your churches and get a name,a mark of mind controls,I am in spiritual battle with the Name of God my Forefathers,if you can challenge come out,I am Nwa Afor,Nwafor,only the Spirit of Afor,Haba Agulu,Ududonka Mmiri,Ogwugwu,Udo,Anyanwu,Mgbologwu na Mkpa Akwukwo,I am demanding Spiritual Freedom of Igbo people from where ever they have been held captive,some Igbo people are elderly People but reasoning like a baby because their captive master told them to be doing like a baby so that they will go to heaven,Today I want you all to start reasoning according to your age ,because We reincanated ,we are not going to heaven ,BIafraland is heaven on earth,only truth and humble is Heavenly language,in Biafra,I have never seen any white Men and Women who is answering Igbo name or African Name,but we are answering their names,meaning that we are no body,for sure you are somebody,I set your mind free for you to tell us originlly who you are and where you are comming from without foreign names and colonial names,I cant say much or less,but at last may my words brings lots of changes,

In Traditional Nwokedi VIillage and Town,Yesterday been 27/11/2016 the godian religion in our society mark the feast of Udo Akulu Abo in isuofia,

In Traditional Nwokedi VIillage and Town,Yesterday been 27/11/2016 the godian religion in our society mark the feast of Udo Akulu Abo in isuofia, here comes masquerades from nnobi and different places.Agu Nnobi, Nwachukwu Onuegbu Okeakpu,
Akulu is formal Ancient Town in Aguata,home Town of ther earlier Black Smiths who came from Oka,Awka,During the time of Igboukwu KIngdom,if you go to Igboukwu Museum,there are many art works with metals which dated in 8th century,but Igboukwu people have no fact that their Forefather made them,but I have fact we made all,Akulu is a town with 9 villages,they are black smith,Nanka and Ekwulobia have been fighting Akulu people Centuries ago,but they have their ways during the slave trade ,they Used Ikenga people the relatives of Akulu and Arochukwu Omenuko,with foreign guns,to capture Akulu Children and sell them to slave,and Nanka and Ekwulobia took Akulu lands and sell Akulu Children to slave,Udo Akulu Abo is still in Ekwulobia,Ndiowuu,Akulu Isuofia,and some many places where Akulu people runs to,My Forefathers fouth in life and spirits to be able to remain in some part fo the land,and those our relatives sold to Slave corse the land,that is why there are Errosion in ,nanka,Oko,Ekwulobia,Agulu,those people who has hand in selling Akulu People to slave have price to pay since then,things keep turning upside down,but we will make everything good again,because we got the power to make it,by peace if the people want peace,or by spirits which things will continues,Restoring this culture and tradition is one of the healer,and allowing Akulu people to live in peace with everyone without intimidation is also the key to sucess,Since then Akulu have divided into small small groups,those in Isuofia became Akulu Isuofia,Those in Oko Akulu Oko,Those in Ifite Nanka,Nwadiana,Akulu Nanka,but Thank God they are now grown Man,ready to become Igwe of Nanka,lol,those in Ndiowu is I dont know,but our Udo Akulu Abo,is in Ndiowu,Ekwulobia,Oko,Ududonka,Isuofia,Today we are connecting back to all our relatives,Nnobi,Awka,Nri,and everywhere where Black Smiths lives in Igbo Land,we are Umu Uzu,

Traditional Nwokedi Talking about the Erossion in Nanka

Traditional Nwokedi Talking about the Erossion in Nanka

Traditional Nwokedi Talking about the Erossion in Nanka,Ekwulobia,Agulu,and Oko,this is the fact that every Igbo people have to face,because centuries ago many have run inside the churches thinking that old things will past away,but the fact remains there,that Nanka and Ekwulobia sold Akulu people to slave to Omenuko the Arochukwu merchant who later sold the slave to Foreign merchant,the prayers of those have hands in selling slave is that the slave families eliminated,and the slave family praying to survive by all means,How can such a thing happend?I love Nanka and I will not go war with them,but I have to send this message to them,for the love i have with my Families and Friends in the nanka,Nanka people should confront Akulu people and make things new,if not,Ekwulobia people should know that Udo Akulu Abo in Ekwulobia is not their own,and that place is Akulu Land,from the back of police station reach Oko where Akulu Oko people lives,that is Akulu Land,and Those African American slaves and Jamaicans and all,some of them looks like me are from Akulu The children of the black smiths,Igbo people knows this truth but they keep it hiden,and that is why similar things are happening to them,you have fear that black smiths can grows large one day and took over everything,because they manufactured everything,and to sell them to slave and employ white people is best option to the Igbo,now Naira Never allow Igbo rule again,the white man did not truth you,if you can betray your blood brother,the black smiths and make them to become slave,who knows what you will do to the white men,that is why they gave power to northand west,because you sold your own power to slave,out of greedy,hate,your power will be back,but truth will be told,

The Agulu-Nanka gully erosion has the potential for an ecological disaster, because the erosion causes frequent landslides. In the Nanka Community, Eke-Ntai in Amako Village, was reported to be a flourishing Slave Market during the period of the trafficking in human cargo and popularized by Ezenwenwe. The menacing erosion in Nanka today is said to have its origin in the notorious market. A Soil Erosion Management Expert- Benneth Obele- in 2009 wrote that ” erosion disaster in Nanka Ududo dates back to early 1920s when the gully sites were first observed near Eketai Market in Amako village as well as near Ududonka Shrine. The lucrative and hidden business in human trafficking or slave trade conducted within those two sites led to development of hidden bush foot pathways that were heavily flooded from neighbouring communities precipitating gully erosion”{Nanka Patriotic Union at 80[1],by Patrick Okeke Emezue} On the heels of 19/6/2008 landslide which cut off Amako village from the rest of Nanka the Nanka Patriotic Union, NPU, social-political-cultural organization of Nanka People, set up measures for capacity building of inhabitants on application of control measures. The effort is yielding fruit as patriots of the community had donated nearly 10,000 cashew seedlings for planting in the 20 erosion sites scattered in the town.[6] The issue was discussed at the Oririji (New Yam) Festival on August 21 of 2010, where Igwe G.N Ofomata, Obu Nanka,{1991 to 2015} addressed the people. Igwe Joseph Nwankwo Ezenekwe was traditional ruler of Nanka from 1977-1982.[7] Nanka has one main market, the Afor Market (formerly Afor-Udo) which trades on the Afor market day).

Nanka has two government secondary schools namely;Community secondary school located at Enugu Nanka village and Community secondary school also located at Agbiligba village.There are also many Primary schools in the town namely;Nwa-Agu Primary at Ifite village,St.Micheal Primary school at Agbiligba village,Nkwo-Agu Primary also at Agbiligba village,Enugu Nanka Primary school etc.

On 26 May 2012, Nanka witnessed a landmark event. That was the day the NEROS Sports Stadium, founded by an illustrious son, Chief Poly Ike Emenike, MON, Odenigbo Nanka, was commissioned and put to use. That was followed, on 23 July 2012, with the commissioning, by His Excellency, Mr Peter Obi, CON, former Governor of Anambra State, of the Ofu Obi Comprehensive Health Center, Nanka. The Hospital was initiated, in 1992, by Ofu Obi Age Grade group of Agbiligba Nanka. The Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited, EEPPNL, later took it up as part of its public social responsibility, modernized and furnished the Facility. The Facility was handed over to Center for Population Research and Development, CEPRED, who was contracted the running it for a year. Presently the Ofu-Obu Hospital has been taken over by the Anambra State government and is listed among the Maternal and Child Health Care centres in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria.
Nanka new generation will confront new generation of Akulu and make peace and amendments,because we are like one,those Akulu in Ifite and other places are Akulu but Nanka,Akulu Fathers,Nanka Mothers,

Nwakaego AdaIgbo POST


Many of you only want to eat but don’t want to toil. Can you harvest without sowing the seeds first?

Dad’s farm lands are all far away from our community. They are very fertile lands to cultivate any seeds in.
Dad gave out some of his lands to the less privileges, widows and strangers from other neighbouring towns, who seek refuge in our community.

As earlier as 3am, Nwaka and her siblings are all off to the farm with big cutlasses in their hands and big baskets on their heads.
This was daily routine before going to school.
And while we are walking to the farm, we did sang some songs Dad and Mum taught us.
Such as this:
“Aka aja aja n’ebute onu mmanu mmanu.
Onye ruo n’anwu o rie na ndo”.

When we are done at the farm any day, we must carry some tubers of yams home and arranged them in the yam ban.
In the picture below is how my father’s yam ban is been arranged. It is called Obaji.
Mum has her own farm lands too but they are not too far as dad’s own.
Mum mainly cultivate varieties of vegetables and fruits in her farms.
We sell some of these yams and other crops, feed from them and gave out some to the helpless in the community.


Tayo Fasuan wrote:

I’ve wanted to stay away from this Igbo-Yoruba issue again, but I’ve been seeing some narratives that keep making my blood boils.

And the recent one has to do with how Igbos are ‘taking over our lands’. And this is where I lost it.

Look, if you are of the opinion that Igbos are taking over your lands, whatever that means, I want to categorically call you a fool, and I don’t care if your feelings are hurt.

I mean what the actual f**k?!

One, whose lands exactly are they taking over? The ones you inherited or what? The ones you left undeveloped or another one? The ones you sold them at inflated rate or which one? Abeg shift base!

Instead of complaining about their encroachment, why not develop some balls and go and take over their lands as well? Why not offer them ludicrous amount of money for a plot of land and see if they won’t sell? Why not leave your families and kin behind and go to a land you know absolutely nobody and settle their? Why not leave your comfort zone that you are not developing and not progressing in and settle down somewhere and grow?

I keep defending my race that we are not cowards, but when I look at this critically, we really are. We have no mind and balls to settle anywhere else because obviously, everyone is dangerous. We can’t live in the North or the East because everyone except us is dangerous. I don’t want to insult those who have lost lives and properties in intertribal wars in both areas of the country, but we need to peel our eyes back and see properly.

We are just scared. Yes, scared. Myself inclusive.

Scared of being adventurous. Scared of being away from our people. Scared of losing and starting again. Scared of competition. Scared of everything that other major tribes ain’t scared of.

Two years ago, I went to a part of my state that I’ve never been to before. I never even knew the place existed. Guess who had the only mini market in that village? Yeah damn right. An Igbo boy. Not a man. A boy. He sells everything they want. I was amazed. I spent close to 30 minutes interrogating him. He was barely 20years old. Yes, I was scared for him.

And that’s how it is in the whole country. The Igbos remain the only tribe in the country that are never afraid of going to new places to establish. If they fail in a business, they start another one. I keep seeing them everyday in my town, trying selling something new every time. Trying to make it despite the obvious hostility around them. Most of us who are complaining about them would rather buy from them than the Yorubas.

They keep going to places to create new things, and all we do is beef them. The first major supermarket in Ado-Ekiti, Okoli, was from an Igbo man. The current trending one, NAO Supermarket, is owned by an Igbo. The entire bank road of Ado-Ekiti was bought by an Igbo man in the late 80s and 90s, and he has been selling to all the banks in that areas since then.

And what are we busy doing? Shitting in our pants shouting “They are taking over our lands”. Hehehehehehehehe!!! Fada Lawd! Our entire computer villages are littered with them. They move out and own shit! We…? We just sit our asses down and complain about how the money they use in buying all these are blood and ritual money! Hehehehehehehehe!!! Really?! A Yoruba man calling an Igbo man a ritualist! Fada Lawd!

Even the Northerners are setting up Shasha markets all around us, and where the heck are we and what are we doing in their own states? Nothing.

Let’s grow some balls. No one will ‘eat’ us in Igbo lands. I served in the interiors of Anambra, precisely in Akpo in Aguata Local Government, in a community school inside the bush there. I trek daily inside that Bush for a whole bloody year, and no one ate me or used me for money. They gave me foods, they offered their daughters to me in marriage. They wanted me to settle among them. I know those who cried when I was leaving. I know those of my colleagues that settled there. I know of many Yorubas that established there and are making it, dammit!

#Sigh. I’ve never been angry like this in a long while, and now I’m exhausted. 😭😭😭😭. Let’s treat each others like humans first. Let’s remove this tribal labelling. Rwandan has done it and is moving forward. Even Nigerians feel more at home in South Africa, the xenophobic country, more than they would feel with other tribes in Nigeria.

And if we feel all these aren’t possible, then let’s fucking part ways and establish our own separate kingdoms. But like my mum said “Take away the Igbos and see your community become empty”.

Enough said!
Credit -Oriental times


The Niger-Congo belt is the home of the dwarfs also called Pygmies of the Congo Basin. Ikom folklore says that dwarfs which they call Mong-kom (and which the Igbo call Nwa-Aka Nshi ,Nwa Aka Nri,Nwa Aka Ikenga,) were the authors of the monoliths, known to the natives as Akwa-Nshi,Aka Nri,Aka Nhi,. Dwarfs were known in antiquity as adept workers of metal and great magicians. The link between the Ikom name of the monoliths – Aka Nri Akwa Nshi Aka Nhi- and the Igbo name of the dwarfs – Nwa Aka -Nshi – indicate that it was an Igbo-speaking Nwa Aka -nshi community that authored the monoliths and invented the ancient sacred script known to thee Cross River indigenes as Akwa Nshi-biri – (which in Igbo means ‘Written by Aka Nshi’), used by the members of the Ekpe cult whose sacred temple is the monoliths capital located at the monoliths circle in the village Alok, Ikom. The fact that the Cross River people of the monoliths have little no in-depth knowledge about the Nshi phenomenon so deeply rooted in Igbo Weltanschauung and central to the identity and cosmology of the creators of the monoliths, is ample testimony that the authors of the monoliths and the creators of Igbo culture belong to the same cosmological bloodline. This explains the link with Igbo Ukwu bronzes! The pygmy connection also explains why similar writings have been found in Hindu Cush, an area with a still surviving population of dwarfs some of which go by the name Jarawa – the name of a tribe in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria with a very strong ancient tradition of dwarf priests and magicians. In Kiswahili, a Bantu language, Akwa Nshi means ‘Property of Nshi’, and Bantu, as we have earlier indicated, has its origin in the Ikom/Benue linguistic belt! The root etymon Kwa in Aka Nri Aka Nhi Akwa Nshi, would tend to connect the Aka Nshi dwarfs with the Kwa language family to which belong quite a number of West African tribes including the Igbo, Yoruba, Benin, Idoma, Ashanti, Akan, etc., most of which are known for their expertise in metal-working, especially bronze and in some cases, gold.

In our recent publication on this research titled, The Gram Code of African Adam, Stone Books and Cave Libraries – Reconstructing 450,000 Years of Africa’s Lost Civilizations we made the point that the first forms of writing were in three major shapes – lines, circles and spirals (curves) – which must have been discovered or invented in that order. All Prehistoric symbols known to man portray one or other, or combination of these forms. The Igbo Ukwu artifact under reference has all three basic forms of writing – lines (executed in the form of ichi marks on the woman’s face and on both sides of the alter-stand/pot stand in plate 2,3); circles (executed in the form of two concentric circles on the man’s forehead in plate 2); spirals  and curves formed through the movement of eight snakes, four on each side of the artifact (alluding to the Igbo small week of four days and great week of eight weeks) , thus making the Igbo Ukwu alter-stand a kind of Rosetta Stone asserting Igbo claim to ownership of the first letters discovered by man, and of the discovery of all three forms of writing first employed by mankind! 

Let us examine these three forms of writing briefly. Our basic definition of writing is the act of setting down information in the form of letters, symbols, pictures or other form of graphic communication (This definition is an adaptation of the definition of ‘writing’, ‘to write’ in The New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Current English Language). Writing is thus a concise form of communication or means of disseminating information from one person to another without using the mouth; and whereby a second instrument – paper, stone, papyrus, cloth, the ground or any surface smooth enough to be written on, is employed as the medium or carrier of the first instrument – the symbol itself. 

The Linea or Column Writing: This form of writing is formed using straight lines, whereby meaning is conveyed through the number of lines in each group, the direction and elevation of each group of lines. Examples are the ancient Ogam Stone inscriptions of Ireland and Scotland (plate 21), Cretan Linea A and B (plate 21b) and Igbo Column writing which has nearly been lost but can now only be seen in ichi facial and wood-panel carvings (plate 21). Igbo linear writing is described in passing Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (pp. 5, 6). [For more on this theme see Catherine Acholonu: “Ogam Stone Inscriptions and Igbo Column Writing”, published online at HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”; Catherine Acholonu: “Ogam Philosophical Language and the Lost Nation of Tilmun”, in Reflections on Indigenous Philosophical Thought and its Contributions to Tolerance in Society, UNESCO Nigeria Publication, Abuja, 2006, also published online].

Circular/Spiral/Curved Writing: These three forms of writing are related because they are formed through curved lines (plates 1, 4b, 5). Like the line, the circle and the spiral originated from the belief by the ancients that the Creator of the universe created form from formlessness. This formlessness they illustrated as a point or a zero (a circle) while form through which came space and time was illustrated as a line that gave rise to other lines and geometric shapes. Both the line and the spiral were said to have originated in the zero point or circle. Thus zero is the symbol of the Infinite – God. In fact in geometry zero represents Infinity. The spiral is the symbol that represents cycles of creation and dissolution, of time and non-time and of worlds caught in the ebb and flow of life. All orthographies of the world’s languages can be divided into two basic groups – the linear and the curvular and some languages combine both, as most languages do today.

The Number Four – the Cross, the Chalice and the Blade: Igbo cosmology is rooted in the number four. The concept of time is anchored around the number four. The Igbo basic week has four days while the great week has eight days. This basic number also represents the four fish-monger deities that inaugurated the four market days Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo, named after each one of them. The number four is a deity. Its two basic forms are: the quadrangle (plates 10a,b, 8, 7a,b, 6a,b): the lozenge, the slanting square representing a four-pointed star, the X-shaped equal-armed cross enshrined in the Igbo-Ukwu-type ichi facial scarification (plate 3). These forms, when etched on wooden doorposts and shrine objects represent the deity itself (plate 6, 7). The meaning of this can be found in Hebrew Cabbala where it is believed that forms are entities, not just representations of entities, but the entity itself. In other words, deity exists in its symbol or the representation of its number. This matter will become clearer later as we discuss The Nag Hammadi scripture. The X (the slanting cross) and the lozenge (the slanting square) represent two opposite forms of the same basic symbol created from what Dan Brown called the Chalice (a V-shape with the open mouth looking up, representing the female gender) and the Blade (an inverted V-shape with the tip pointing upwards, representing the male gender). (Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, 2003) The Chalice and the Blade joined at the mouth create a lozenge, a quadrangle – the quintessential symbol of the Mother Goddess, of order in nature – the cubed, molecular universe. When joined at the base the Vs produce a X-shaped cross or a double-mouthed chalice the symbol of the sacrificial Son of God (plate 9a represents an equal-armed cross inter-spaced with two such chalices crossing each other at the center). The exact same symbol is seen on one of the Ikom monoliths (plate 9b) showing an equal armed cross inscribed (and inscribed by) a circle. (This monolith and photograph is Courtesy of National Museum, Lagos, all other items here are courtesy of Odinani Museum, Nri and Igbo Ukwu Museum, Igbo Ukwu.) This is no coincidence for the cross is the basic geometry of ichi, the scarification mark of the god-men (women) called Nze na Ozo (plates 8, 3). Traditionally, equal-armed crosses (plate 9a,b, 23) square crosses, and lozenge symbols are etched on all gate-posts and cult symbols in Igbo land and act as talisman. 

It is important to note that these symbols, though having been recognized as universal Christian esoteric and exoteric symbols, are indigenous to Igbo culture and point towards Igbo Pre-historic influence on Christianity, a theme that shall be treated in greater detail. Plate 9a, an ozo traditional seat, shows a classical Igbo example of a perfectly shaped Maltese (or equal-armed) cross. In between the four arms of the cross are four chalices looking outwards and forming a cross at their zero center. The entire image is surrounded by an outer circle. This is a very potent mystical, Christian symbol, yet as we can see here, its origins are African. The ozo is a cult of men (and originally women too) who have dedicated themselves to the service of God. They live out the divine ideal of holiness and self denial, observing all the virtues of God, remaining sinless and impeccable in their dealings with their fellow human beings. This same image is found on one of the monoliths of Ikom (plate 9a, b), thus, not only connecting the two cultures, but linking them with the origins of the Maltese Cross in particular, Christianity in general and the Grail legend

Iroko Tree in Igbo Land,

Traditional Nwokedi weaps for the Ignorace of his people back home,
anaghi aku osisi oji aku ,ona epuru onwe ya,we never planted Iroko trees in Igbo land it gorws alone,the wise men knows who the Iroko trees were and the respect it and lived longer than 150 years,younger generation young monies ,money,those born after the Biafran war money miss road,money without history have make us history without money,ever since they started killing all the important trees in igbo land and replacing them with material houses,people started dying in numbers,mostly younger generation,below 50 years