History of Traditional Nwokedi begins with Ududenka,

The Two Chief Priest Ududonka Uzoiyi Aguluezechukwu,Ududonka Mmiri Branch Akulu Town,
Traditional Nwokedi Praying in Ududonka Mmiri Worship Center Enugwu Nanka,as He wanted to rebuild His Ancestors Ududonka in Akulu,
Traditional Nwokedi building His Ancestors Ududonka in Akulu,This work started in May 2021,as He prayed to Ududonka to help Him to rebuild His Ancestors Ududonka,
Workers who is building Ududonka Kingdom in Akulu,Traditional Nwokedi Nwa Ududonka The Coming Chief Priest,
This is Our Ancestors Holy Temple,Our Ancestors knows God before the missionaries came to Igbo Land ,Igbo people where deceived to destroy their Ancestors and they did,now many people are realizing that it was great mistakes that is why We are allowed to rebuild all the Traditional Houses in Igbo Land.
Sacred Land of Nwokedi,Holy Land of Ududonka Kingdom,
Job Weldone ,Rain have stop beating the Ancestors of Traditional Nwokedi Dada Nwa Ududonka,
Thank you all for reading you can support Traditional Nwokedi for more projects in rebuilding Our Ancestors Holy Temple,,Account No:2174937500 .Zenith Bank Nigeria ,Name ,OLIVER EMEKA NWOKEDI,

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