Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,#ESN

Nigerian Soldiers Running From ESN, Killing Unarmed Civilians in Their Shops, Houses – Kanu | #IgbereTV

“Hope Uzodinma tell those cowards in #Zoo military uniform you moved out of Obinze to leave people’s shops and properties alone. An army that specialises in arson is that one an army? Wretched cowards!

“What has somebody’s shop got to do with your humiliation today? Come inside the bush if you are looking for ESN not killing innocent civilians in their homes.

“Orlu is not #Obigbo. Useless fools that cannot fight in the bushes only doing gra-gra inside township. Come inside the bush #ESN is waiting to greet you.” – Nnamdi Kanu


Just legodi:
1–>SENDiaram airtime
2–>HELPutum juo ya
3–>SITigodi down
4–>STANDigodi up
5–>SHIFTuoro m
6–>Ha eCLOSEzula the shop
7–>I na eDISTURB m biko or eDISTURBzilam biko
8–>CHECKie m in next five minutes
9–>I REACHie gi agwam
10–>Achorom I ENTERgodi bike
11–>kedu ihe I na eSPEAKi sef
12–>akam na eTHINKi ya
13–>A dim BUSY kita, a gam aCALLugi back
14–>after anyi eDISCUSSuo ya
15–>eGIVEkwana up
16–>TAKEie time gi
17–>chere kam PARKia motor m
18–>achorom iga WATCHia match
19–>SETTLuom biko
20–>STARTia the gen
21 –>Adim broke
*Addizia your own*
Ka m postugodi this one…..igucha ,gi commentia.

About Akwụ Ojukwu ( red palm fruit)

About Akwụ Ojukwu ( red palm fruit)
This palm fruit is called akwụ ojukwu in my dialect which is standing for defence,
The major duty of this palm fruit is to defend and protect one from various evil/ wicked manipulations.
You may see so many other palm fruit trees in the farm but to see this particular one many is always difficult .
Everything about the whole part of this particular palm tree are highly significants but let me talk about the fruits.
This palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil are more powerful than olive oil and so called holy water.
The palm fruit oil and the palm fruit kernel oil of this particular (akwu ojiukwu) is used prevention and curing of some ailment such as:
=: when u rub the oil on the body Or even when u drinks it, it prevent dangerous poisons and charms
=: used for damaging poison and charm
=: it scared winches and wizards away.
=: only one piece of this palm fruit in ur bag or pocket prevent a lot of evil attack.
=: The palm kernel oil is used to prevent and cure child convulsions.
=: The palm kernel oil is used to cure acute cough.
=: One can apply the oil when suspected that u match poison/charm.
=: The palm kernel oil nourish the skin when used as cream ( especially the children)
=: The smoke of the kernel shell when born in fire during cooking also prevent and scare away evil attack.
NOTE: you don’t need prayer or incarnation for this to be affective.
From Eziokwu chineke Gadị Traditional Outreach .
In promotion and Evangelizing of our Ancestral heritages.

Oriefi daughter of the legendary Ahebi Ugabe

Oriefi daughter of the legendary Ahebi Ugabe
Ahebi Ugabe(?- 1948)was the first and only female warrant chief(King) in colonial Nigeria, and perhaps Africa. Born in Enugu-Ezike, an Igbo community, in the late 19th century she rose from the status of a local girl and commercial sex worker to that of a village headman, a warrant chief and a king. Ahebi who, as warrant chief and king, became a man and assumed otherwise male roles, including marrying wives for herself and her brothers. Ahebi who was appointed a Native Court member in 1930, was reputed for her spiritual prowess, and popularly called “Agamega” or “Female Leopard.”
However, when she attempted to assume full manhood by introducing her own masquerade, a deed performed only by men fully initiated into the masquerade cult, she met serious resistance from which she never recovered. For fear that her society may not accord her a befitting burial, Ahebi performed her own funeral in her life time. When she eventually died in 1948, she had a very quiet send-off. Notwithstanding, she became deified as a goddess in her mother’s hometown, and is remembered in many Enugu-Ezike songs and parables.
(source: The Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe
by Nwando Achebe)

Ekwensu In Igbo cosmology

In Igbo cosmology
In the book, the Ekwensu Seminatics and the Igbo Christain Theolinquistics, by P.J Ezeh, the original Igbo word, Ekwensu did not cannote evil. Ekwensu is a god, one of the numerous worshipped god in the Igbo land. He stands in the rank with the likes of Ani, Amadioha, Ikéngà etc. He’s refers to benovolent and powerful deity-the god of war. He is regarded as the Igbo trickster god. Traders revered him for craftiness and cunning at negotiations and trade. As the god of war, he’s equally seen as possesing a chaotic nature.He incites to violence and was invoked by warriors and head hunters during conflict or war. To further illustrate the status of Ekwensu in the times past:There are communities named after the deity, such as Nru ñ atọ Ezike Ekwensu in Nsukka. In Ezi, Delta, the festival right before the new yam is called Ekpensu, a dialectical variation of Ekwensu. In Akpugo, Enugu, Ekwensu maybe used a praise name of someone who has made a great accomplishment.
The origin of the mistranslation of the term can be traced to differences between christianity and the traditional Igbo religion. In the Igbo view, there’s no concept of the great god force as against the great evil forces, as exists in christianity. Therefore, in Igbo, there’s no Devil, no heaven or hell, no demon or angels. There are just gods possesing varying degree of power, spirit whose nature was good or bad, as in the human case; and after life operated much in the same way as the physical world. Then came the colonial missionaries, who in their erroneous belief claimed that any religion strange to theirs was evil, and in the resultant quest for conversation, which latter faced with task of introducing these alien concept into the indigenous people’s belief.To do this, they copied methods of early christianity in Roman empire, who absorbed pegan festivals and rituals. By using existing indigenous concepts that had an infinitesimal likeness to theirs and distorts them to fit the mold of the concept they were trying to get across. In other words, they improvised. So, chi,the personal guiding force or chukwu, the Aro deity became the supreme God. And Ekwensu came in as the devil, to complete the spiritual binary of the christian faith.Thus began the journey of demonizing Ekwensu, seeminly beyond repair #igbovillage .
The story of Ekwensu is another tastament to damage colonialism wrought on the cultures of the African continent.Yet the demage is not entirely without salvagebility


*Recover two cutlasses,five handsets and other incriminating items.
In continuation with it’s determination to further stem the tide of crime and other nefarious activities in the State, police operatives attached to Isiowulu Division in conjuction with local community vigilante had on the 22/1/2021 at about 4:30pm arrested three robbery suspects at Nkpor in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State following a distress call.Suspects arrested are as follows,
(i). Chukwuebuka Oguejiofor ‘m’ aged 21 years from Umueshi Abogwu, Ideato North LGA, Imo State,
(ii).Joel Dickson ‘m’ aged 20 years, from Itu Ikpe, Ikot Ekpene LGA, Akwa Ibom State and,
(i). Uchenna Uzoechi ‘m’ aged 19 yrs, resident of 19 Aririonwu Street, Okpoko, Anambra and a native of Aguobu Owa, Ezeagu LGA, of Enugu State.
Suspects allegedly attacked,robbed and injured a middle aged man at NO.16 Frank Nolly Street Nkpor and proceeded to Limca road Odume and attacked five other persons. Exhibits recovered in their possessions include two cutlases,five handsets and one yellow tricycle with REG NO.WER 961 WJ used in perpetrating the act.
Meanwhile,the Commissioner of Police *CP John B.Abang,fdc* has directed that the case be transferred to the State CID Awka for discreet investigation.The CP futher reassure the public that the Command under his watch will continue to pursue the criminals from all nooks and crannies in the State until they repent or relocate from the State please.
*CSP Haruna Mohammed PPRO* Anambra State Police Command.
For -Commissioner of Police Anambra State Command.

Traditional Nwokedi Dada Nwa Ududenka,the artist.

Traditional Nwokedi said that enough is enough.If you are Igbo Biafra you are free to stay here.If you are Traditionalists you are allowed to be here.if you are a Rastafarian you are welcome.if you are Jews you are Welcome.If you are Christians you are welcome.but if you are Igbo Christian please delete yourself from and I have different opinions so please delete yourself here I don’t know who you are.and I will never know who you are. The highest fools we have amongst us is so called igbo Christians.their brains thinking like this baby.they have destroying our cultural heritage and tradition and history just like this baby is on the pan and eating from the can He or she said that they are Igbo.and Christian?you are destroying your origin and building the origin of not yours.go to Roman and tell them that you are a Christian they will treat you like black monkey.go to England where they give you Anglican.their Authority will put you in a refugee camps.and change your name and minds to become a refugee and there you will suffer and suffer until you married British Man or woman then you will grow up.delete yourself from my page and go your way if you are Igbo Christian It is not easy to free our minds.Igbo Elders in 1800 are brainwashed to abandon their culture and tradition and take white Jesus as their personal lord and savior.they believe in that white idols and becomes blind.non of them have ever seen this white Jesus.and they died and left their children inside the their children are highest one posted what is real on their facebook.if you like watch the walls of those who calls themselves a Christian.all kinds of fake news like fake white Jesus idols.and white Mary Idols.non of them is telling the Igbo history or Biafra history.all is. Bible and fake photos.I hate it.and I don’t want to see negative post on my wall.I don’t want to discuss with you and go out of my friends.because I am not your Christian and I will never be.if you are here you are my enemy.I don’t need your friendship on facebook because I am busy with what I have to do ; If you are Igbo or Biafra but you are a Christian.please delete yourself from my friend list.Because I am not a Christian and I don’t believe in your white Jesus.I am a servant of Chiukwu Okike Abiama.I am here for culture and tradition and history.and delete yourself from Igbo forum and join your Christian forum.I don’t want to keep you here.I will like to have European Christians here American Christians but Igbo or Biafra Christian you are a fool.just delete yourself from me and follow your Christian families.simple.If I see you posting your white Jesus on my wall again me and you will get crashes

The Christians have more fears than any OTHER human being on earth.

The Christians have more fears than any human being on earth.this people believes that they want to go to heaven.but they are afraid of death.they call themselves holy people.but they are always fear of death.they carry bible up and down reading from genesis to revelation but they are afraid because they are not doing what is in the bible.they knows that truth is life but they lied.they cheat.they fake.they do all.still they are afraid of the heaven.If I am a Christian I will not be afraid of death because I am sure of heaven.but I am not.I am a Traditional Nwokedi.I reincarnated again and again and again and again and again and heaven for me.I am not even afraid of death because my 7and 8 generation I already know Isuofia is my Town.Anambra is my home.I will like you Christians to stop being Afraid of heaven because it is your prayer to go to heaven so you must go to heaven and stop being afraid to die