History of Enugu-Ezike

Journal of History

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Enugu-Ezike reputed as the largest single community in black Africa is located in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State of Nigeria.  It has a population of about 259,431 with 36 villages in addition to some other newly created political autonomous communities.

Enugu-Ezike has common boundaries with Benue and Kogi States of Nigeria. On the North is Ette, a non-Igbo speaking community in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area.  On the East is Ofante and Idoma while the North West flank are Amaka and Akpanya communities of Benue State.  To the South West is Ibagwa while the South West is Alor Agu, Unadu and Itchi.  To the South East of Enugu-Ezike are Obollo Afor, Iheaka and Ovoko.

Enugu Ezike is renowned for her palm wine, practice of traditional medicine and   African Traditional Religion (ATR).

As to the origin of Enugu-Ezike, various writers…

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