Igbo Christians will suffer

This is the world famous Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture USA 🇺🇸. The design was inspired by an African sculpture from Nigeria 🇳🇬. This artefact was stolen from Nigeria over 400yrs ago, and I’m grateful they did.42983467_2275350896028034_6690535650950643712_n

When foreigners see these sculptures and artefacts, what do they see?
They study them
They research them
They Carbon date them.
They see inspiration
They see ideas
They see craft
They see skill, intelligence and design.
They will borrow a leaf from the knowledge acquired to go on and do better things, world class and state of the art designs and innovations that will fetch them millions of dollars, which will lift them off their misery and poverty.42925529_1943843542350068_4377223642069598208_n

But when most Africans and Igbo, see these sculptures and artefacts, what do they see?
They see idol
They see Devil
They see witchcraft
They see Evil
They see Ancestral abomination and curse
They see diabolic and fetish objects
They see the cause of their family misfortunes, poverty, and untimely death
They see the cause of the lack of their community development and progress.42971955_2275351126028011_6601905650723192832_n

Therefore the sculptures and artefacts must be destroyed, burnt to ashes because the bible said this and an ignorant pastor said that.

On this particular issue, I’m unapologetically grateful and thankful to the British, Portuguese, French, German Etc for looting and stealing the millions of African artefacts, sculptures and totems they took hundreds of years ago, because I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see and learn some part of my history if they were left with us back home. So many ignorant pastors deceiving desperate and vulnerable families and communities.

Until we as a people start making economic decisions to address our economic problems,
Until we start adopting social principles in tackling our social challenges,
Until we start seeking medical solutions for our health challenges,
Until we stop looking for whom to blame but ourselves, blame the devil, blame the ancestors, blame ofo but never took responsibility. #The_Rat_race_continues.

Copied from Uba Acho

Will Nigeria Brake in 2019?

18233_540699089418395_2628397988171641863_nwill Nigeria brake up in 2019?42925529_1943843542350068_4377223642069598208_nMany Igbo Children are in Nigerian prisons all over Nigeria,and Nigerian Governments do not care,many Nigerians are in Prison all over the World,Nigerian Governments do not care for Her Citizens,42855179_2015340818489363_919286338950266880_nMnay Nigerian girls have been used for sex slave in Lybia and Italy,across Europe and other Countries of the World,no jobs ,no nothing ,42842659_10212641364175660_8255932654885535744_nNigeria is 58 years old,how about Her Citizens,?42808501_1674824639294020_6631348686624391168_nAfrica should care for Her Citizens,Citizens of Africa make una care for una self,many African Brothers and Sisters are in critical Situation all over the World,many are in Prisons,Many African Countries looked upon Nigeria as Giant of Africa ,hope of all Africa,but Right inside Nigeria there are no peace.when you listen to Nigerians,you will think that Nigeria is hell fire,but Nigerian people are beautiful people with their Culture and Tradition,but green white green is colonization to Africa.give them Biafran Flag,with rising Sun.

Igbo King,Ghana King,Southern Cameroon King,

42938095_964599090391075_7547489919808045056_n Kramermarktumzug  2018 in Oldenburg ,Igbo King ,Ghana King,Southern Cameroon King with all African people in Oldenburg,42958272_964599243724393_3551957659101954048_n Kramermarktumzug  201842962237_964596283724689_3710511569449254912_n Kramermarktumzug  201842977571_964599333724384_5463577482915479552_n Kramermarktumzug  201842977593_964599413724376_1858074359160111104_n Kramermarktumzug 201843009850_964597977057853_630322060261851136_n Kramermarktumzug 43023825_964596063724711_1413995567050129408_n Kramermarktumzug 201843043456_964598220391162_121350392528240640_nIt was nice and lovely,in  Kramermarktumzug in Oldenburg 2018,,2019 will be greater,Igbo culture,Ghana Culture,Camerron culture,African Culture,European culture,World Culture,together We will move on together,

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